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Pain Sufferers Information

Have Your Pain Taken Away and Learn How to Keep it Away During Our Two Week Teaching and Healing Conference To Be Held at a Luxury Overseas Resort.

If combining a beautiful relaxing holiday with some expert therapy and education in a luxurious resort setting sounds like a good idea to you read on and see how you can take part in this unique opportunity.

Have you been told that you’ll have to learn to live with your pain? If so, this page might just contain some of the most important information you will ever read.

Back pain, or any pain for that matter, comes as a result of deterioration of critical parts of your body due largely to a lack of circulation. When combined with the effect of gravity it causes pressure to build up in the wrong places, leading to irritation and pain.

The truth is that when treated the right way this pressure can be removed, the circulation restored and your body brought back to the way it once was, before your pain surfaced.

A degenerated disc or vertebrae, a muscle spasm, scoliosis, a disc bulge, arthritis, even many cases of sciatica, shoulder, hip, knee or foot problems are not reasons you have to live your life with pain.

I know it is hard to believe after what you have already been through but it is true. It just a matter of getting the right treatment and advice and sadly that is not easy to come by.

Your life is hectic, you work long hours, never get time to properly relax and every time you get any treatment for your pain you are immediately straight back into the lifestyle that irritates it.

Well it’s time to STOP, take a break and along with some expert help and unique treatment, learn how you can manage your life and your pain so that you control it.. rather than it controlling you.

Even if you believe you have tried everything to get rid of a nagging problem that keeps coming back, there is still hope for you and still something new you can try.

My name is Steve Lockhart. You may have read some of my information on or somewhere else and ended up here today looking for answers for your chronic pain.

Well the good news is you are in the right place, because what I am going to tell you about here is a totally unique concept in the treatment of pain that is only available to a limited number of people.

I would like to invite you to join me along with other leading SLM therapists, who are also experts at treating pain, as we teach a team of therapists how to effectively take pain away from the body…. more specifically your body.

For thirteen days you will be educated, exercised and treated with the most effective form of bodywork available. You won’t have previously experienced anything this thorough or effective, no matter what you have tried before.

I know that because if you had, you wouldn’t be here still searching for a solution to your pain.

Sure there are health retreats and resorts that offer to revive your spirits and your body with exercise, rest and good food but not only do they cost double or triple what I am proposing, in the end they have a very limited success at taking away chronic pain.

In fact none of them have the confidence to promote that as part of their package anyway! (watch the people who attended previous conferences talk about the results they were able to get, Thailand 2008, Coff’s Harbour 2008)

Our confidence comes from consistent success over 20 years.

This is a unique opportunity and as a result places are very limited. We can only cope with a certain number of people to ensure we achieve the best possible result for those attending .. when those places are filled the door of opportunity will close.

Those of you reading this who know me or are familiar with the effectiveness of the SLM Bodywork method probably won’t need much convincing of what you can achieve from this conference.. but others of you who are looking at this for the first time might understandably be a little hesitant to confidently jump right in.

If that is how you feel take a moment to read some of the testimonials from my patients, students and even elite athletes I have treated to familiarise yourself with this unique therapy and the results it can deliver…even when everything else you might have tried has failed.

When you are ready to get rid of your pain once and for all you need to act NOW. However you do need to know that completing an application is not a guarantee you will be given a place immediately because this program format will not suit every chronic pain sufferer.

We want to ensure we get amazing results not just make up the numbers so there are some important criteria you should consider before you apply.

The sort of person I don’t believe will get the intended benefit from this program includes:

  • Anyone whose body is too weak or frail to cope with the travel and 13 days of treatment and exercise.
  • Anyone with osteoporosis or another degenerative disease that makes their body fragile
  • Anyone who doesn’t feel they are ready to whatever it takes to be pain free, like gentle daily exercise plus a few other things throughout the day that will be necessary for a good recovery.
  • Anyone who would struggle to abstain from alcohol and cigarettes for 1 month. (2 weeks before the trip and during)
  • Anyone who is suffering from a nerve pain that is with them 24/ 7 and does not find even lying down switches it off. (let me assess each case on its merits but this may present a problem.)
  • Anyone who would not be comfortable being massaged in a large room amongst other sufferers. (Your modesty will be preserved at all times.)
  • Anyone who could not manage a the plane trip or travel there without extreme discomfort.

Due to the nature of the program and the fact there is travel involved in getting there then back home, I will assess every application and reserve the right to knock back anyone I don’t feel confident we can really help.

On the other hand there are many people this conference program will be perfectly suited to and I can confidently predict that after the 14 days you should be out of painor at least have learnt how to work towards that. Everyone attending will be taught how they can maintain the improvment they get with just a little effort every day. Those people include;

  • Anyone who has a pain that comes and goes and perhaps flares up badly every so often.
  • Anyone who gets temporary relief from different therapies but it never lasts long.
  • Anyone who has a pain that came on for no apparent reason and stayed but it doesn’t stop them working and living,
  • Anyone who is looking for direction on exercise and lifestyle factors along with a treatment that will take their pain away long enough for them to get started with a healthier lifestyle.
  • Anyone who wants to be shown how they can help themselves with techniques to correct the problems in their body.
  • Anyone who knows they need a good holiday and wants a complete rejuvenation of their whole body with help from people who really know how it should be done properly.
  • Anyone with constant pain but who lives a healthy lifestyle, eats well, enjoys their job and for the most part keeps their body fit will get the most benefit from this 2 week conference and can just about be assured their intermittant pain will be gone.

If you are one of the people I have described above you have 3 choices,

  • Act now to bring an end to your pain once and for all by taking a decisive step forward and register for the next conference in Thailand March/ April 2009.
  • Check out the cost and itinerary of the Thailand conference.
  • Put your name down for information on any future conferences planned.
  • Wonder if this could be the pain solution you have been looking for, procrastinate and end up missing out..

The program we propose for this conference will be based around the very successful Self Treatment Program for Back Pain and Sciatica Sufferers with one very important addition, the SLM Bodywork treatment added everyday. (although the conferences are not limited to just back pain and I would be equally confident helping with whatever pain people attend with.)

Alternatively you might like to work with the Self Treatment Program first before deciding to go on a conference.

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