Discover How You Can Build on Your Massage Skills and Learn how to Fix Pain Or Begin Your New Career as an SLM Therapist.
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Look How You Can Start Your Training in SLM Bodywork For FREE.

To help get more people trained in SLM bodywork and provide help for more of the desperate chronic pain sufferers around the world, we want to suggest a way that will allow existing qualified therapist’s to do the 12 month training program for free.

All you will be required to do is find a sponsor, then practice what you are learning as you treat your ‘sponsor’ to help them get pain free. Your time commitment is one 90 minute SLM treatment a week for the duration of the course (12 months).

The sponsor will be someone you are already treating for a pain condition unsuccessfully who is desperate for lasting relief. You can also split the cost between more than one sponsor depending on the time you have available each week to treat people.

There are a couple of requirements you do need to satisfy to be eligible:

1: You must be an existing qualified therapist in massage, or a similar form of bodywork.

2: You must be passionate about learning how to help people recover from chronic pain.

3: You must be physically strong and healthy enough to be a consistent, reliable therapist capable of doing 60 to 90 minute treatments.

Let me explain how it works and how you can register to get the free training.

The sponsor, which you will need to find, will pay your course fees of $147 per month in return for one 90 min massages a week. They will recoup their cost (where possible) through claiming your treatment on their private health insurance.

If you don’t provide these benefits, or your country health cover system doesn’t cover it, this shouldn’t be a problem anyway because of the results you will be providing for them.

Through contact with pain sufferers visiting your clinic each week, I am confident there would be pain sufferers out there right now who are looking for relief and would love to be getting regular treatment from an SLM therapist in their area. As one probably doesn’t already exist, they have you to work on them whilst doing my training

If you have already been looking into the SLM therapy and thinking that you would like to do the training, but perhaps are having trouble affording it, this is a great opportunity to do it at no $$ outlay. The treatments you provide to compensate for the cost of the training ($147 pm), would be ones you wouldn’t be doing anyway, so they are just taking up some of your free time (study/ practice time for you).

Basically you get the practice patient to fix while you are doing the training. You can work with me via the student forum as we devise a treatment plan and strategy for fixing them.

Don’t underestimate the power and effectiveness of this therapy or the fact that it will teach you mostly what you DON’T already know.

As long as you are a licensed bodywork therapist, currently working is preferred but not essential.
Are strong, fit and healthy,
And are passionate about helping people in pain and want to learn the best treatment system available.

You can join up right now!

To recap: You sign up for a month by months online training program in the best way to diagnose, treat and fix pain. Where possible you provide them a receipt for $35 each week which they can claim back on their private health insurance and you claim the course cost on your tax to balance it out. The end result you complete your training and learn the best therapy system available for free. Your sponsor/ patient gets their treatments for free for as long as they have rebates on their health fund available.

You find a ‘patient’ from the people you are seeing in your clinic. Perhaps prepare a written explanation of the idea and give them to all your clients who are in pain so they can go away and think about it.

The commitment is monthly in fairness to the sponsor (‘patient’) and so whether they see it through for the 12 months duration of the training, will be determined by whether the therapist is successful at learning and applying the SLM therapy. A very easy thing to do for someone fit, healthy and passionate about this work.

If a pain sufferer decides to drop out for any reason there may well be another pain sufferer willing to continue as sponsor or the therapist would have the option of continuing to make the payments themselves or discontinuing the course.

There is even no problem with a therapist having 2 or more sponsors if they have the time available to give each of them one 60 to 90 minute treatment a week.

This is a totally reasonable, workable arrangement that provides a benefit for you the therapist and your patient who gets long term pain relief. If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity start looking for a sponsor and email me with any questions or concerns you have.

This program WILL work because the SLM therapy is that good and once you and the ‘pain sufferer’ can experience this yourselves everyone will be happy.

If you are an experienced qualified therapist and have any questions please send me an email to:

I look forward to hearing from you and getting you started in your training.

Please send an email with the information to: or fill in the form below and I will set the lessons area up for you.

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