Discover How You Can Build on Your Massage Skills and Learn how to Fix Pain Or Begin Your New Career as an SLM Therapist.
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Remedial Massage Courses

Remedial Massage Courses will teach you how to provide professional remedial massage in just a few short weeks. Learning this skill shall prove invaluable to you, your career opportunities and to help care for those with debilitating muscle pain. This course is the perfect way to start your professional training in remedial massage.

All you require is a massage table, massage oil and our online remedial massage course content. Included in the Remedial Massage Course:

  • Simple, clear and easy to follow instructions
  • Informative module deliveries
  • Ability to deal with differing conditions, body types and client dispositions
  • Adjusting to required pressure and firmness of massage to avoid soreness
  • Approaching different types of pains and injuries
  • Valuable information about the body that is not provided by doctors or physiotherapists
  • Additional skills provided for knowledge of more advanced manual treatments
  • Provide a detailed understanding and physiology behind the processes involved with remedial massage

Start your journey today to becoming a skilled remedial massage therapist with the ability to treat pain and injury with positive results.

If you have always wanted to complete a remedial massage course but find it difficult with current time constraints then you will find the remedial massage course is a simple yet highly effective way for you to achieve competency with a minimum of expense and effort.

Remedial massage courses provide an effective solution to delivering beneficial massage solutions for a range of conditions and an essential element in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from limited range of motion, soft tissue problems and pain.

The course teaches an effective style and philosophy not found in most other massage courses and this comes from hundreds of years of practice and refinement.

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