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October 21, 2010   No Comments

Massage Course Free e-book

There are plenty of massage courses around that will teach you how to rub muscles side wards, long ways and up and down but very few really offer any meaningful content that will help you deal with what most people see a massage therapist for in the first place, getting rid of their pain.

If you read the brochure, treating pain WILL be on the list but when you finish your training you will realise there is a lot you don’t know. This is because most of today’s courses follow the conventional medical model and has system has many inadequacies.

My motto is if you are going to spend an hour massaging someone, why not fix their pain at the same time. It doesn’t take any extra effort and it will provide a much more satisfying experience for them ensuring they tell their friends and come back often themselves.

I am sure most therapists agree it is just that finding a professional massage course that teaches this information is not that easy. While many claim to do it but few actually deliver.

If you really want to give your career a boost with a massage course that goes well beyond the effleurage, cross fibre frictions, and tapotement’s that most course fill their content with, have a look into the SLM bodywork professional massage course by reading the free e-book, ‘How to Fix Pain Using Massage and Bodywork.’

It’s a book that provides a valuable insight into what is really required content in a good massage course and what a potential therapist should be looking for if they don’t want to be one of the masses who can’t do much more than rub muscles every which way.

If you want a massage course that turns you into a guru at fixing pain and helps show you how to establish a solid long term career in this growing health field, this FREE book How to fix Pain Using Massage and Bodywork is compulsive reading.

Alternatively you might just have a non professional interest in massage and want to learn some really good skills for helping friends family or a loved one who has constant pain. The SLM home massage course on DVD with an accompanying workbook is a great way to learn an easy flowing style of massage that provides professional results without breaking the budget. It offers the same effective skills given to professional massage therapists without the detailed content covering pain and injuries. By learning this SLM massage it also gives the student the opportunity to step into the professional training if their passing interest grows to a more substantial career interest at sometime in the future.

What ever your interest in massage courses is, reading the free e-book How to Fix Pain Using Massage and Bodywork will put it all in perspective and present a thorough background that every potential student of a massage course should know.

January 28, 2010   No Comments