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Testimonials from Patients.

These are all genuine testimonials Steve Lockhart has been given by his patients after he treated them with the exact same techniques and knowledge contained in his Professional SLM Bodywork course. There are many other more recent ones from his patients posted on the Whitecoat website HERE.

After suffering a mountain climbing accident my lower back become a chronic problem. I had many treatments from Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths all to no avail. I felt that the exact nature of the injury and consequent symptoms were overlooked. No one even came close to Steve’s ability in reading the body and feeling the knotted spasms in the muscles, providing instant relief. Steve was able to diagnose and then correct this imbalance. For those with any type of injury , weather muscular or joint, I would not hesitate to send them straight to Steve. SLM has been the difference of regaining my previous strength, flexibility and peace of mind. He has also assisted greatly in strengthening my core muscle group and provided welcome advice on how nutrition helps the rehabilitation process.

Stephen Bryant, Sydney NSW.

As a former National Track and Field Athlete I incurred an injury which I sought treatment for over a period of 5 years. I supposedly saw the best of the best- physiotherapists, acupuncturists, sports doctors, massage therapists, alternative therapists and so on. After years of running around and spending thousands of dollars no one could help my injury. I saw Steve intensively for just one month and he not only understood the dynamics of my injury he worked to alleviate my pain in this short period of time. And the results have lasted. I recommend Steve as the most knowledgeable and talented massage therapist I know. He is in tune with the body, passionate about his work and dedicated to fixing any problem you have. A truly amazing healer!
Donna Jones – NSW

Hi Steve

After years of upper back and neck pain I am finally getting some relief with your self treatment program. I’ve been to chiropractors for years getting immediate relief but always had to go back and never actually fixing the problem. Your SLM yoga hits the exact spots where my weaknesses are, you can actually feel it being so good for your back and strengthening it where it is weak. The rubber ball massages are great too, can’t believe I can actually give myself a deep tissue massage, as soon as I get a pain from the gym or sport I get the rubber balls onto it and it goes away, normally my vertebrae would be affected. I get great benefit from the exercises that also hit the exact areas that need strengthening. After getting an SLM massage my back and neck were unbelievably pain free, I had never had a massage like it, you can actually feel the whole of the muscle letting go. Thanks Steve so rapt to be able to see light at the end of the tunnel and finally be pain free.

Georgia Reeves

Melbourne, Victoria


Bill Eger is a flight attendant who has suffered from debilitating back pain on and off for 15 years. After just three SLM Bodywork sessions he is functioning like a normal person again and is so impressed he has signed up to do the SLM therapist training, initially as a part time job and then full time as he retires from flying in the coming years.”



As you told me, the next day after the massage, I did a lot of housework I just felt my back a little bit heavy, usually at the end of the day, I would lie down on bed suffering the back pain, but this time, I felt no pain at all. On Monday, I felt very well, the most of the pain is gone!!! How wonderful is this! I have been suffering this back pain for more than 10 years; I just cannot believe it myself. I told my colleagues, my friends and my family… It is a miracle, indeed. I really don’t know what I should say I can’t thank you enough.

Ann Nui.
Mortdale NSW

I was suffering with constant Headache/ Migraines and persisted with the doctor’s advice for months with no relief. After the first SLM Bodywork treatment the severity of my migraines reduced by ½ and after 3 visits, I do not suffer migraines any more. After more than 18 months I am still without the migraines.

Louise Bertoni,
Sydney NSW

In April 2004 I was told by a neurosurgeon that the only way to relieve the severe sciatic nerve damage I was experiencing was through surgery.

I have seen many unsuccessful cases of back surgery through my work as an Occupational Therapist and sought other options.

[SLM Bodywork] has been able to take away the excruciating pain and pins and needles I had been experiencing in just a couple of treatments and my back is now stronger than it has been for many years. I am so impressed that I will be learning this method to better enhance my therapy practice.

Glenda McMaster BAppSc (OT), AccOT.,
Baulkham Hills NSW


“When Dave Billings ruptured the disc at L4/ L5 in his lower back the top neurosurgeon and physiotherapist he saw told him there was no way he could avoid surgery as his injury was as bad as they had seen.


Dear Steve, This is a long overdue thank you for all you have done for me. For the first time in years I am pain free and as a result of this I am now sleeping after 3 plus years just existing on whatever sleep I could get. I just wanted to let you know how much you have changed the quality of my life. Thanks you Steve,

Jill Metcalfe.
Artarmon, NSW

Two years ago I was diagnosed as having a badly damaged Rotator Cuff in my right shoulder. After visiting many doctors including three Orthopedic Surgeons and a Sports Chiropractor I was led to believe that my only option was an operation. A friend recommended I see Steve Lockhart for his opinion. I was skeptical at first but after only three visits my skepticism turned into much relief as my shoulder returned to its normal healthy state.

Bradly Parkes,
Maroubra NSW.

Dear Steve I’m writing to thank you for helping me return to the land of the living. Without your treatments I’m sure I would be still spending most of my time in bed thinking that life isn’t worth living. I can’t believe how quickly I responded to your treatments – to think that I was actually able to ski again is amazing. I am truly grateful for all your help, support and encouragement.

Lynne Hendrick
Mosman, NSW.

Dear Steve, it has been a long time since I have seen you and I wanted to let you know how I have been going after your treatments. I have fully recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and would like to express my appreciation for your care and advice that largely contributed to my recovery. As you are aware I consulted many of Australia’s leading professional’s without success until I was introduced to your Myotherapy technique. Thanks to your SLM Bodywork I am now fighting fight and never been happier. Thanks a million!

Peter Casaceli
Cronulla, NSW.


Deborah was having lots of problems sleeping with her back pain which came on after she broke her rib. She had been suffering for 8 weeks before she had her first SLM treatment and hasn’t looked back..”


Hi Steve

Thanks for your time, instruction and massage on Tuesday. Just thought I’d report some of my results. After the massage I felt as though I was walking much more evenly and more easily (no limping). Pain had gone from my left leg, but still numbness in toes and foot. On Wednesday my energy levels were much higher than they have been in months. I was able to get through the whole day without having to take long rests. Yesterday I had some slight pain back in leg, but today I feel fine.

Cath Phillips
Newcastle NSW

Testimonies from Athletes


Steve thanks for all the miracles you have performed for me this year, without them I would have never have won the World Cup.

Greg Bennett,

World Champion, Triathlon


My career as a World Champion Boxer was destined to be cut short by hand problems before I discovered SLM. I had consulted some of the best surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists for help but none could relieve my pain and keep me fighting until I found Steve Lockhart and SLM Therapy.

Jeff Fenech,
Three times World Boxing Champion


SLM is a unique therapy that keeps me balanced, loose and injury free. I wouldn’t contemplate a career as a professional athlete without it. In my opinion other therapies that treat and attempt to prevent injuries are no match to the consistent results of SLM

Darren Clark,

Twice Olympic finalist, Commonwealth Games 400m Gold
medallist and record holder


To surf at your best, your body needs to be loose, balanced and pain free. Whenever I get a problem, Steve Lockhart’s Myotherapy is the best way I know of sorting it out.

Damien Hardman,
World Champion Surfer


For almost a year I struggled with a nagging groin injury that seemed as difficult to diagnose, as it was to treat.

Thanks to Steve, I have regained my ability to compete far more strongly than before.
Steve has given me an extra 5-6 years of work in a demanding industry.

David Stiff,
National and Australian Basketballer


Steve, you’re the best in the business. Thanks for all your support and get some sun.”

Belinda Gladstone,
Ironwomen and Surf Lifesaving Champion


I was sent to Steve Lockhart after suffering for years with a very bad neck problem that made it impossible for me to head a soccer ball without causing terrible pain and muscle spasm. I had seen many other therapists over the years for treatment on it but none of them gave me the results I got from Steve’s SLM Bodywork. Any player I have with a really difficult problem gets sent straight to Steve

Graham Arnold
Australian Socceroos Coach.



SLM Bodywork is my first choice of treatment for any injuries I get. It works when others have failed.

Dale Lewis
Former Sydney Swans AFL Footballer.

“Steve Lockhart’s Myotherapy is the fastest way back on the field for any injury I get.”
– Paul Sironen
Former Balmain and Australian Rugby League International.

“Steve’s treatment has helped me more than any other treatment, it’s miles better.”

– Ian Roberts
Former Manly and Australian Rugby League International.


Testimonies from SLM students.


Maybe I was being a bit cautious when I started my SLM treatments as I did not think something could work so well.
I’m glad you proved me wrong, I am now using SLM as my primary treatment regime with extraordinary results.

I have a professional Weightlifter and personal trainer who can bench 30kg more weight after 2 treatments and another athlete (rock climber) who can again pick up his kids after a crippling chronic back injury and this was after 1 visit.
I am astounded and would like to thank you for sharing this treatment modality with me

Wayne Stafford
Upwey, VIC.


It is now 16 years ago I started my studies in Health Sciences, Shiatsu became my favourite form of treatment. There were a multitude of other methods, some quite rewarding techniques but the one that stood out was SLM. Steve Lockharts unique Myotherapy contained in his comprehensive manual and DVD’s have covered nearly every aspect of disease states/ problems in an interesting and factual manner. I highly recommend his course.

His support is awesome and being listed on his SLM Myotherapy web site brings a substantial amount of work.

Brisbane QLD.


I have been practicing SLM for almost a month now & am totally inspired!! Though I’ve been a bodyworker for some time I have been on the look out for something that would prove to be a bit more effective. I have been practicing the new technique almost everyday with numerous friends & family & anyone I can get my hands on. I am totally enjoying the SLM therapy, for me it is alot more energetic & intuitive. It allows me to get into a flow more in my work & it just makes so much sense. Now as I am working around the body I can feel what is going on ALL OVER the body so it makes the treatments so much more effective not only physically but energetically as well!!

I am already seeing some great results with people which has inspired me to sink my teeth into it more. I will wait a bit longer before I integrate it into my clinic but I have alot of clients already interested in trying the new treatments.

Thanks Steve for the inspirational work

Jedah Denning
Central Coast, NSW.


Steve, I received the 2nd case study dvd this morning and had a quick look before work, this gave me motivation for the day – thank you.

I decided to do all my clients with a full SLM (including hot towels) regardless of what they may have wanted. Without a doubt the results have been extremely satisfying. The feedback from clients is 100% positive and one client said she felt like she had taken some wonderful ‘drug’.

Signing up for this course has been one of the best things I have done. Even though I am reasonably new to massage & SLM I really feel that it has given me skills that normally take many years to acquire.

The concept is like having a helicopter view instead of getting weighed down with individual muscles.

Thanks so much, regards.
Teresa Keppie,

Paterson NSW.


I had a patient stop me in the supermarket the other day. This patient in the past had diffused pain in both legs and back pain. I’ve struggled with him. I had mobilised every joint that needed it in his back. I balanced the muscles. I increased his range of motion. His strength. Did everything from full blown manipulations .. massage … and myofascial release. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at him. With all my training and skills. All these moderated the symptoms for maybe a month at a time. Even his diet seemed good! Well two SLM sessions, has taken away his pain. He’s back running again. He was full of praise. Simple but effective. Many thanks for sharing SLM Steve,

Peter Goldby
United Kingdom.


I have done Remedial Massage and SLM Bodywork and they don’t compare. All my success comes from the SLM techniques.

Savannah Daisley,
Hunters Hill NSW


I don’t regret studying other massage theories and techniques, but I only use what I learnt in the SLM course to treat pain and injury.

Debbie Gouveia,
Petersham NSW


Once I had completed my Diploma in Remedial Massage, I found that the missing link between being a massage therapist and someone that can confidently treat pain, was the SLM Bodywork Course.

M.J. Yates
Balmain, NSW


Hiya Steve,

Haven’t got set up for the forum yet. I’m not that great on computers, however I have a few friends that will be able to help me out. Will work on that this week. I am very happy with what I am learning, so much to benefit myself as well as potential clients. I have managed so far to complete 3-4 massages per week, and have plenty more volunteers to practice on. This has already been the best move I have made in years and I thank-you so much.

Tanya Hays
Cammeray NSW


Hiya Steve,

I would have loved to have come along to your November workshop , but I will be in NZ for a short period during this time.
Since I have started your course in August , I have probably worked on most of my friends and family with positive feedback.

Some were a bit hesitate for me to work on them , mostly they were embarrassed by what I might think of their body’s, but once I finished treating them they have been asking to see me again .
I am really pleased with the Manuel and DVDs which are so easy to learn from and which are keeping me busy.

I look forward to continuing with the training and of course the opportunity to be able to attend a future workshop .

Regards a very happy student
Desmond Necklen
Smithfield NSW


Hiya Steve,

I am truly amazed with the results that SLM produces in people. I’m SO glad that I stumbled onto your web site and took the plunge to study your methods. I can’t wait to continue with the case studies and become the ultimate therapist!

Results like this is why I started doing complementary therapies in the first place.

Megan Bennett



Thank you for the certificate. I would also like to thank you for your teaching program. As I watch and re-watch the DVD’s, re-read the manual, the newsletters and the Bad Back Book I constantly pick up on techniques and info and better appreciate this approach. I realise that it is in many ways a business for you but it also fills a need for rural people like myself who are motivated to keep learning. I also appreciate the professional and supportive manner in which you operate.

Best Regards
Allen Simmons
Ballina, Northern NSW



I completed my SLM bodywork training in 2001. I was inspired initially when I saw Steve Lockhart on “This Day Tonight” which featured a back pain story. I then made further enquiries and commenced training not long after.

My opinion is that this training has been invaluable to me as a therapist. My approach to treatment took on a different outlook i.e. I was not treating imbalances in the body previously , more the presenting problem. I have since discovered that most pain or injury that people present with is due to these imbalances. Often counter imbalances are missed by traditional methods causing problems to re-occur. SLM is a complete treatment in that it incorporates bodywork, diet, exercise etc. I have a network of people within the industry that I refer clients to if necessary. SLM has broadened my outlook to treating clients.

I would honestly say that the results of my work has far exceeded the outlay of the SLM training course. I am confident in the training program , in that I still participate in the on-going DVD monthly case studies.

I have been practicing since 2000 and feel that I achieve very good results. I do a lot of Workcover cases and cannot count the number of times that clients have commented to me how much better this treatment is compared to anything else that they have had.

Many thanks
Barbara Wicks
Ruse NSW