Discover How You Can Build on Your Massage Skills and Learn how to Fix Pain Or Begin Your New Career as an SLM Therapist.
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Begin a Career in SLM

Learn The Bodywork Method That Is Easily Beating the Norms In The Diagnosis and Treatment of Pain and Injury.

SLM has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years and has stood the test of time because it is so effective at diagnosing and treating pain and injury.

There are dozens of massage styles being offered in the world today but few of them offer more than just another way to rub muscles without a proven system for accurately diagnosing and fixing pain.

In contrast SLM is that system using a unique philosophy and understanding of the body that was discovered hundreds of years ago in Japan within a very select group of people.

As was done in those times, the secrets of this ancient form of healing were jealously guarded and keep within just one family for generations. It was what they used to sustain a comfortable living knowing that for as long as people got pain they would get customers willing to pay then handsomely for the relief they could provide.

Hundreds of years later and thousands of miles away in Tonga, during the Second World War, one of the descendants of that family took on a student whom he trained in the same ancient art his father and grandfather had taught him decades before.

That student subsequently moved to New Zealand then Australia where he carved out a legendary career treating people of all ages and walks of life, for pain that no one else was able to take away.

More recently this same skill and knowledge has been taken to the mainstream of the alternative healing profession, primarily in Australia but to some degree around the world, by Steve Lockhart who himself has carved out a very satisfying and rewarding career as a leading pain and injury specialist therapist and the only accredited teacher of this bodywork.

For the first time ever, anyone who is either already a therapist or has a desire to become one can learn this unique skill and knowledge and develop the same rewarding career helping people who suffer from debilitating chronic pain.

Up until now, hundreds of people have taken advantage of his teachings and studied SLM Bodywork and consequently there is now a growing number of therapists who are enjoying the satisfaction and lucrative rewards a career as an SLM therapist brings.

There are two ways you can get involved in this work, either via the beginners training with the home massage course, or with the full professional training program for people wanting a career in this area.

The home massage course is a perfect way for a therapist to step into SLM slowly and experience the benefits provided by this special way of massaging.

Alternatively, for the non professional who just wants to learn how to give a great professional feeling massage, whether just to help relieve pain and stress for their family and friends, or to help support their children through a active sporty lifestyle ensuring they don’t end up breaking down or growing up with pain and injuries so common these days amongst the young.

Effectively treating pain is not easy to do as anyone who sufferers from a chronic condition will attest to.

Although there are dozens of different therapy styles, both medical and alternative, being offered everywhere the curse of chronic pain is one that often stays with people for many months or even years, despite how much money they are willing to spend on trying to get rid of it.

Finding a method of treatment that actually works, is much more difficult than most people would expect. Until that is, they themselves become a victim of pain and start that journey of discovery and frustration.

It is common for people to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on physiotherapy, chiropractic or some other conventional therapy and them months later be no better whatsoever for their time and commitment.

This fact has been a catalyst for so many people to search out and embrace a system like SLM Bodywork both as a patient or student. Most students come from a frustration of what they had already studied and realised they didn’t know, or a recommendation from someone they trust who suffered chronic pain for years and finally found the answers they needed in the therapy.

Similarly, most patients come out of dire frustration and despair after trying everything they can find for relief with no result. It is often said that once a person discovers SLM they never look anywhere else for pain relief.

If you have a desire to learn more about fixing pain with a rewarding career as an SLM therapist CLICK HERE to find out more about the professional training program being offered.

If you wish to learn the most effective and easy to perform professional massage system so you can help your family and friend’s and just understand the body more then CLICK HERE to learn more about the home massage course being offered.

If you just want to experience SLM for yourself by seeing someone who is studying it CLICK HERE to find the closest therapist to you.