Discover How You Can Build on Your Massage Skills and Learn how to Fix Pain Or Begin Your New Career as an SLM Therapist.
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Self Treatment Program For Back Pain & Sciatica

Learn The Massage Style That The World’s Best Therapists Use To Take Away Pain and Melt Away The Stress In Tired, Tight Muscles.

Not only is SLM Massage one of the easiest styles to perform correctly, it is also one of the only ones that allows you to finish a full body, head to toes, massage in just 60 minutes.

The SLM Massage course is for beginners with SLM whether they are a total beginner with massage or an existing therapist that is looking for an easier more effective way of working.

It teaches a different style and philosophy than most other massage courses but it comes from hundreds of years of practice and refinement and already forms the basis of arguably the most potent form of natural pain relief available in the world today, SLM Bodywork.

Whereas SLM Bodywork is all about diagnosing and treating the cause of someones pain, SLM Massage is all about massage. Moving around the body constantly in a flowing style, stimulating the body’s rivers of chi and making a person feel relaxed and alive at the same time.

There is no question everybody needs a massage now and then but one very neglected group who needs this more than you could imagine are your children.

Children are most active in their formulative years and this is the time they have lots of little falls and accidents that leave an impression in their body.

The thing is children don’t feel pain like an adult does. In fact they very rarely have a problem before the are 15 or so. Anything they pick up in the way of significant muscle trauma in their first 15 years is already burried in their body and slowly forming a pattern of muscle imbalance that they might not be aware of for another 10 or 15 years.

The trouble is when it does finally manifest as pain in the body it is often far too late for an easy fix and the expense and frustration begins.

I have treated children as young as one and two years old with problems in their body that could easily cause them to develop chronic pain as adults.

Dealing with it when they are still young is actually very easy but many years on, it becomes a difficult puzzle that most therapists and Doctors cannot solve.

My name is Steve Lockhart and for over twenty years I have seen thousands of adults come to my clinic with chronic pain that they have spent years and far too much money trying to get rid of….. without success.

Quite often the original cause of their pain was found to be from a typical childhood accident or injury when they were very young, that was never properly dignosed and treated at the time.

Falling off a horse, a bike or out of tree are common occurances in most kids lives at some point. It could even be as simple as carrying a heavy bag to school for many years, that eventually sets up the chronic problem.

How many times has your child fallen down in a screaming heap but then after a brief rest, raced off again to continue what they were doing?

You’ve probably never considered the fact that the fall, or perhaps an injury they sustained at some other time, could have planted a seed that may prove to be a major turning point in their lives, that comes back to haunt them many years later.

Let’s face it, running off to the doctor or physiotherapist every time your child hurts themselves is not realistic or affordable for most families.

Not that it would necessarily help anyway.

In an ideal world you would have a brother, uncle or close friend who was a specialist with this sort of thing and they could run an eye over your child’s body every so often to see how they were holding up to the rigors of an active childhood.

But in the real world who should you take them to see, so as you are not just wasting your time and money?

Many of my patients would get me to do that for them and you would be amazed how many times something wasn’t right, even though the child had few or no symptoms.

For me, not a difficult thing to fix because it was addressed early on, and the good news is, I can also teach you to do it just as easily.

Most chronic pain sufferers have spent a small fortune trying to find a therapist who can really help them and with the money spent, most are STILL suffering years later.

I’ll bet you know a chronic pain sufferer yourself and they will tell you the same story, no treatment really helps them long term. You might even have first hand experience of what they go through and feel lucky it didn’t happen to you.

Prevention is Better Than Cure.

The reality is it is not a case of luck, it is actually something you can control if you catch it early enough.

Right here and now I want to give you the chance to help the younger members of your family ensure they don’t grow up to be one of the ‘unlucky’ ones.

Statistics show 1 in 5 people suffer from chronic pain at any one time and with the way lifestyles are becoming more sedate and stressed, with bursts of vigorous exercise mixed in, that figure is bound to increase in the future.

I know personally in my extended family, I have treated 4 out of the 13 children for problems that would eventually have led them to suffering chronic pain as adults.

That is a statistic of one in three!

Being able to correct a problem early on for them will make a huge difference when they are older, with a good chance they will avoid chronic conditions such as headaches, back pain and low energy, to name a few.

Fixing potential long term problems in young bodies is a very simple, straight forward process while they are still young.

In fact it is so easy I would like to show you how you can do the same for your extended family and friends or even help a partner or older member of your family who already suffers from chronic pain and isn’t getting the help they need from their doctor or therapy sessions.

Introducing the Newly Released SLM Massage Course that Will Teach Anyone How to Give a Professional Feeling, Full Body Massage in Just a Few Short Weeks .

Massage Course

If you are a caring person who is good with their hands, learning this skill will be incredibly easy by just following the instruction in my clear, straight forward DVD and workbook, in the comfort of your own home.

All you need is a massage table and some oil and you will be ready to get started and don’t worry, I’ll tell you where you can pick those up at a rock bottom price as well.

The Perfect Way to Start Your Professional training as an SLM Therapist.

There is a chance that by now you are aware of the professional SLM training program I promote to existing therapists and people who wish to start a career in the health industry, treating pain and injury.

You may be someone who has given it some thought already but decided it was too much of a commitment at this stage.

Perhaps you have listed it as a future goal.

With this very affordable beginning, the SLM massage course, it is now extremely easy to find out what this is therapy is all about and decide whether you want to go further with it.

What Is Included In the SLM Massage Course:

  • Simple, clear easy to follow instructionin the way to work around the body in the right sequence to provide a lasting feeling of balance and wellbeing.
  • How to approach the different body types regardless of whether your patient is young or old, weak or strong.
  • What you need to be aware of when working on the body so as not to bruise the muscles and make them too sore the next day
  • How to adjust your massage in different situations like when someone is going out to exercise within 24 hours of their massage.
  • How to approach the different types of pains and injuries that typically affect young people as well as adults.
  • Valuable information about the body that even your doctor or physiotherapist won’t have told you.
  • When you need to have an injury treated professionally and who they should be seeing to get the most effective, fastest result.

I am totally convinced that if you have an interest in massage, or just helping someone close to you who suffers from pain, or would like to provide better support for your sporty children, this course will be just what the Doctor ordered.

Special Offer Bonuses That Come with the SLM Massage Course for a Very Limited Time.

When undertaking this training I want to make sure you have as much information about the body as possible. Not only relating to the massage itself, but all about treating people with pain as well.


For a short time only anyone who purchases this course will receive the very popular Self Treatment Program for Back Pain and Sciatica Sufferers included in their order for FREE..

You can keep it in your library as a valuable reference or pass it on to a friend who suffers from back pain as a much appreciated gift.

This offer is for a limited time though so to have this included with your purchase you will need to order your SLM Massage course now.

This Self Treatment Program contains a 166 pages of valuable knowledge that will greatly enhance the value of the SLM Massage course.

It also includes the unique exercise program SLM Yoga that is not only great for anyone suffering from pain but as a great way to keep your body loose and balanced generally.

This program will go a long way towards making you an expert on the subject of back pain and sciatica.

These are two of the most common forms of chronic pain that people suffer from today and something you are bound to see in your extended family at some stage in the future.

Being able to help prevent them with your newly acquired massage skills will make you incredibly popular amongst the people you work on.


In addition to the self treatment program, I will grant access to a special thread in the back pain forum where you can have any questions about the massage course answered by me personally.

This will only be available to purchasers who place their order for the SLM Massage Course.

Once you get a problem in your body, it won’t disappear on its own and although a symptom might disappear the problem will still be there. The muscle that is affected will not develop or function as it should and so other muscles will be forced to compensate and that is how muscle imbalances develop.

Obviously it is much better to deal with these problem muscles sooner rather than later and using the SLM massage course you will learn how to do this.

Starting Your Journey to Treating Pain and Injury with the Professional SLM Training Program.

I get many people who have read my FREE e-bookHow to Fix Pain Using Massage and Bodywork’ emailing me to say they are very interested in the professional training program but can’t afford it at that time.

This introductory course should make it so much easier for you to experience exactly what the SLM method is all about, without the large financial commitment.

You can easily take the first step in becoming an SLM therapist, then build on what you learn at a later date with the professional training program, should your interest develop.

If you are a person who has always wanted to do a massage course but never got around to it, have sporty children you would like to look after properly or have a close relative or friend in constant pain that you would like to help, you will find the SLM massage course is a simple yet highly effective way you can achieve that with a minimum of expense and effort.

The cost of the course (DVD and workbook) is just $170 (plus GST for Australian orders) and postage, to make it affordable insurance for your family’s long term health.

Remember included in that price is the self treatment program valued at $75 ++ and access to me with any questions in a private forum. But the bonus offer will be for a limited time meaning you must act now.

Self Treatment Program For Back Pain & Sciatica