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News from an SLM practitioner now living in Thailand
« on: March 13, 2015, 11:31:48 PM »
This is my first post for at least 16 months. For those interested and/or who may even remember my name???, I moved from New Zealand to live in Thailand almost exactly 13 months ago.   I retired from business (sports retail)  a little over 3 years ago & after getting all the household jobs done I got bored so I did the SLM course and started an SLM massage practice from my home in Mt Roskill, Auckland New Zealand.  I previously had been doing therapeutic spinal adjustments for friends for over 30 years & SLM meshed in well with what I understood therapeutic massage should offer to patients.  Certainly it has been most successful for me and my patients in well over 90% of cases attempted.  I expected mostly male sports injuries but through my wife's contacts in the Thai community well over 60 or 70% of my patients were Thai women, many of them masseurs with injuries their trade either caused or could not treat.  Some of the male patients were spouses or family members of these same people so it was not just a case of masseurs "checking out the opposition" or trying to learn my "tricks" if I had any, that is. 
My Thai wife's father died about the time I retired and after 2 years her mother was getting pretty lonely even with other family near at hand so we decided to throw our current life out the window and move to Thailand, live in the family home my wife now owned and build up her orchard that had been largely neglected for the 8 years she lived in New Zealand.  We have kept our home in NZ, rented out, but  with our possessions stored in a locked, alarmed attached, "granny flat" &is checked monthly by friends.  Which also gives us a free crash pad when we return to NZ on holiday or other matters.  We do not know how long we will stay here but I am a fit 67y.o. and my wife, a strong woman, quite a bit younger than me.  The first year of a possible 2-10 years (or more?) has passed quickly.

So what of me and SLM in Thailand?  Not very exciting news, I have to tell you.  I am on a Retirement Visa and am not allowed to work.  Thai Immigration & labor laws are very strict and even working voluntarily without pay can get people into trouble.    A work visa requires the company to have 4 Thai employees before recruiting a foreigner and that is assuming the the job you want to do is NOT one that is on a HUGE LIST of jobs that are Thai only, i.e., forbidden to foreigners.   I bought a table (VERY hard to find and VERY expensive in Thailand)  and I keep my "hand in" by massaging immediate family with farming (and meditation) injuries, a few close friends & some monks at the local temple.  This is not as silly as it sounds as most Thai masseurs are women and forbidden to touch monks in any way, so the monks have fewer options than ordinary Thais for their aches & pains.  It is great to keep my hand in, help family, friends & monks in need of the fruits of my SLM skills. 

Time to close off now, but I have two final things to say.
(1)  If anyone is interested in corresponding with me, please feel free to contact me through the forum or I can post an email address if Steve allows that.
(2) Thai massage as a treatment option seems to be less successful than SLM as most of my patients/clients over the last 2 or 3 years either are already Thai masseurs or have consulted them with less success than I seem to offer.  Additionally, Thai massage as practiced on the Thai (not tourist) population seems to "have to hurt like Hell or can't be doing any good."  Everyone comments how un-painful even my most vigorous efforts are, compared with local masseurs and some of the bruisings I have seen are spectacular. Multi-coloured and everywhere!!!!  I am proud that I have almost never left a mark on anyone, even massaging 70+ & 80+ year old people.

Best wishes to you all in your SLM endeavors and I can truthfully say that SLM has lived up to all my expectations and I have only the highest regard for the program & the help offered by Steve and the Forum.   Perhaps I may meet some of you if Steve re-activates the Pattaya 2 week courses that he used to do.  I live a little over an hour from Pattaya.



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Re: News from an SLM practitioner now living in Thailand
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Good to get an update Murray, keep up the good work.