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Have You Heard About Prill Beads?
« on: January 16, 2013, 03:12:44 PM »
A patient recently put me onto Prill beads to alkaline my water and provide a health benefit for the family. Reading up on them online and the testimonies I found encouraged me to try them and I have ordered some. I wanted to pass the information onto you as I also care about your health and as the cost of them is around $30 (they last for many years) plus the cost of a ceramic water dispenser (I got an 8L Stefani from Bunnings for $78) I thought you might be interested.
I have attached a word doc with the info and cut and pasted it below as well. Antons contact details are at the end of the info if you like to order yourself some to try.
Best Regards
Steve Lockhart

Drink to your health!

Today, there are so many additives and chemicals in our water, and even worse, it is pushed under pressure through pipes that put negative energy into it. It is not the clear, pure, water our ancestors drank from fresh water springs centuries ago.

The quality of the water we drink and use has to have a major impact on health as it directly influences 70 % of our bodies.

Live Water Prill Beads are an economical and convenient way to enjoy drinking clean, contaminant free water with the qualities and benefits of pure mountain spring water.
Live Water Prill Beads are made of magnesium oxide which is produced from naturally occurring salts of magnesium found in rich brine deposits located approximately 2,500 feet below ground. The resulting magnesium oxide is  prilled  into small, hard pellets by high temperature firing processes making them ceramic like. A proprietary, energy-charging process is then applied to the beads which gives them their unique energizing properties. Live water prill beads will never wear out or dissolve.
Prill Beads purify, energize and  restructure  water.

Water from living water prill beads is pH balanced to 7.4

Just place Live Water Prill Beads in a glass container up to 5 litres, fill it with ordinary tap water, or filtered if you can, allow 24 hours for its initial charge and then you have an almost endless supply of pure glacial quality water to drink, cook with, bathe in, clean with, along with remarkable health benefits. You can use up to 80% of the water every hour. Just top it up when the container is low.

Don t fall for the idea that bottled water or even filtered water is purer than what s in your tap.

Water Is An Energy Source
Water is an intimate part of who we are.  It is in us, we are in it.  We use a great deal of it several times every day.  It keeps us clean, nourishes us and our food supply, is a source for recreation, warms us, cools us, heals us, amazes us, has and gives power, beauty, softness

Every day your body loses water thrugh urine and sweat, and this fluid needs to be replenished. You can actually survive without food for months, but without water you d die after a few days, so needless to say, water is absolutely essential to life.
Our cells are responsible for making energy and an amazing array of bio-chemicals.

Proper hydration and absorption of nutrients into the cells is a key concept of healthy living

Hydrogen fuel for the body

Water is the body s main source of energy


did you know that Hydrogen is the body s main source of fuel?

Hydrogen is the body s most essential nutrient because it provides our life force.
What is pH

This is the measure we use to determine the level of acidity or alkalinity of a liquid.

More specifically it refers to the amount of Hydrogen atoms (ions) in a liquid

The correct chemical balance for the human body is a pH of 7.4. But because of what we eat very few of us are at this chemical balance. The vast majority of us are acidic.

Is your body acidic or alkaline
What is not generally understood is how basic to health your pH levels are and how easily you can become acidic, which is an open invitation to cancer

Acidity basically refers to positively charged Hydrogen atoms ( positive ions) which are the oxidents (H+) in our bodies, the ones that are constantly breaking down and destroying our cells (think of rust), giving us wrinkles, making it easy for disease to take hold and assisting in our death.

Alkaline refers to the negatively charged Hydrogen atoms (negative ions) which are the antioxidents (OH-) we can never get enough of.

The optimal pH Balance is having enough negative ions in our bodies to counter the positive ions.

Acid/alkaline balance is fundamental for optimum health of organs, blood, bones etc right down to the microscopic cells that constitute our physical being and about what happens to create energy in your body at the atomic level..

We are what we eat which makes us predominately acidic .

For the great majority of us the body is constantly in ned of negative ions (antioxidents) to balance against the over abundance of positive ions (oxidents) we ingest daily.
The process of finding negative ions puts tremendous stress on our bodily systems. To find enough the body will resort to scavenging from organs, bones and teeth.

Having low pH catches up in the form of disease (cancer works at its best in an acidic environment), early aging, general health issues and premature death.
Studies show that dehydration is both a cause and a result of the disease process. Most of us are chronically dehydrated and we don't even know it.

Alkaline water is the best transport system for nutrients from your food into your cells

What is Structured Water
Water is a solvent and delivery medium that carries nutrients throughout the body. It is an important part of the electrolytic medium that carries signals that control cellular reactions. Water is involved in transfer of information between organs, between cells, between cell nuclei and cells. Vibrational information is also transmitted via water.
Water creates structure, which forms an integral part of the cell membrane and the interior of the cell of living organisms.
  Structured water  also known as  energized,   Hexagonal  or  living  water is the form of water required for all life processes to be carried out.

Cells must be able to transform ordinary water to structured water to accomplish these needs

Structured Water hydrates your body on a cellular level - where the cell is penetrated by small microscopic crystal structures similar to Nature's own water.

Structured water can improve health by providing superior hydration, enhancing nutrient absorption, improving detoxification, improving metabolic efficiency and by improving cellular communication

Ordinary tap water contains less than 10% of properly structured water that can be used for hydrating cells.

As polluted water is unable to become structured this may account for lower amounts of energized water available for our everyday needs. This makes t necessary to drink 4 to 6 times more water daily than is necessary for proper hydration. Too much water can lead to bloating and bladder discomfort. Correctly structured, energized water, after being used for several weeks, can accomplish the same work by drinking less than 1 litre of water daily.

Structured Water and the Aging process.
Aging is a function of the volume of structured water retained in the cell. Young and fresh cells are full of structured water. Dying cells are filled with metabolic wastes and toxins and have minimal amounts of structured water.

    Young children naturally have almost 100 % structured water in their bodies
    By middle age the average person's body contains a little over 50% structured water
    Bound water which often cannot penetrate the cell wall lingers around your cells causing bloating & water retention
    As the human body grows older, it is subjected to stress, contamination, pollutants, free radicals, poor diet and other various lifestyle choices. The body begins to dehydrate (skin dries and develops wrinkles). The structured cell water with which we are born with begins to destabilize and loses its efficient shape. The result is that our ability to absorb water decreases all the time.

Live Water Prill Beads

Prill Beads were originally developed for cleaning up nuclear reactor waste water.

    Living water has the capacity to hold more energy than normal water because of its structure

    Living Water is immediately absorbed into the cell wall and provides rapid hydration

Surface Tension
Any ordinary water placed in contact with Live Water Prill beads undergoes a remarkable transformation of  thinning . Prill beads make thin water by changing the water at the molecular level.

Live Water Prill Beads de-cluster water to single molecules that absorb into your system faster and more efficiently than any other kind of water.
 Changes also occur to the surface tension of Prilled water. Ordinary tap water has a surface tension of around 80 dynes/c which at this measure the body has to work under stress to lower the surface tension to around 45 dynes/cm in order for nutrients to pass through cell walls. We need to drink almost 10 times the amount of tap water to produce enough thin water for our bodily needs.

Water from fresh mountain streams has a surface tension below 65 dynes/cm.

Water made from Live Water Prill Beads has surface tension well below this level making it  wetter  water. It takes on the characteristics of  Dew  which is the liquid found in fruit and seeds or other plant cells which has surface tension of around 45 dynes!

If the water you drink has the ideal Dynes level of 45-48, nutrients will get in to the cells efficiently and waste and toxins will be taken out efficiently.  Thus cells will be healthier, last longer and improve your health and longevity

Many people feel that living structured water tastes better.
Athletes have learned that structured water improves hydration and decreases post exercise recovery time.

Skin readily absorbs dew but repels common water.

Large amounts of money is spent to purify water by removing physical and chemical pollutants. Then dangerous substances such as chlorine and fluoride are added back into water, which is illogical unless the goal is to create disease. You can find many examples of how chlorine, fluoride, chemical pollution, and mechanical disturbances contained in today's water supply negatively affect you, your pets, and even your plants.

Water from Live Water Prill Beads will not permit lower life forms such as bacteria and fungi to survive so it can be said to be antiseptic but it does support the growth of algae. Toxic chemicals like chlorine and fluoride are somehow dissipated and you are left with pure pristine water that will super hydrate your body.

Nutrient Absorption
Using Live Water to drink and bathe in provides superior hydration, nutrient absorption, more effective detoxification, increased metabolic efficiency and improved cellular communication. It can rapidl restore youthful function to all cells.

    Replenishing your body with Live Water increases vitality, prevention of disease and slowing the aging process.

Uses for Live Water

Helps to maintain body s alkalinity balance, one of the most important aspects of staying healthy  helps fight disease- an aid in fighting all types of illness. The Alkalinity balance of your body is proven to be one of the most critical weapons in fighting cancers and the aging process.
It is the best detoxifying product on the planet.

Wash and rinse fruit and vegetables for a better taste.
Helps heal wounds
You drink less but have better hydration of your body s cells.
Use as a moisturiser   Spray it on your skin and or add it to creams for deeper penetration
Mix with fresh lemon juice for an energy drink

Better for pets
Extends the life of cut flowers (just add some charged water to the vase)
Plants are healthier, vegetable gardens are more productive. Fruit and vegetables taste better.

Excellent additive for cleaning products - they will work better and use less chemicals

Use in baths for added hydration and soothing

Swimming pools   eliminates chlorine and other chemical smells. You will use less chemicals (up to 90% less). Water will become softer- you won t need to rinse after swimming. (note that an average pool requires about 15 sachets of Live Water Prill Beads, but will last for 10 years and more, and save you its initial cost in chemicals in just over 1 year on average)

Pollution   helps transform stagnant/dirty water back into sanitised, structured water

Practical Aspects Of Live Water Prill Bead Use
Prill beads last a long time, several years of normal use. Steps in preparing and use of the beads include:

    Rinse the beads to get rid of the dust. (don t do this over the sink because you might lose some!)
    Fill up to a 5 litre glass jar or jug with water. Place the beads in this water where they sink to the bottom.
    Wait 24 hours for the beads to build up the initial charge
    Afer this breaking in period almost all of the water can be removed every hour if needed. Always leave some water behind to start your next batch.
    After processing the energized water can be stored in glass or hard plastic containers but not in metal.
    Live Water Prill Beads may change colour over time due to the type of minerals in the water. If you wish to clean, sterilize or restore colour to the beads place the beads in one cup of pharmacy grade 3% hydrogen peroxide. This will clean and restore the colour to the beads.
    To make the best water possible if you can use a filtering system as an initial step.
    You can Bathe in the Prilled water by pouring about 8 litres in a bathtub and filling with hot water.
    Live water repels black mould and seems to eliminate odours.
    Live Water Prill Beads cannot be contaminated. They will remove chemicals and heavy minerals from water.
    Be sure to keep the lid off the container so chlorine has a way to escape.
    If you let Live water stand unused for 5 days or longer it can become overcharged and develop a metallic taste. This is not harmful. You tend to get a large energy boost! Just discard the water and start over if you prefer.
    Prill water works best at room temperature but you can keep it in the refrigerator if desired.

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