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Interesting Email
« on: August 28, 2012, 10:11:07 PM »
I received this email and thought it would be worth showing you another way back pain can start.

Hi Steve, sorry im not who your looking for. No bother though!
I don't know if you ever recieved my e-mail letting you know my back 
is great now. Believe it or not all the pain was caused by me taking 
the sleeping pill ambium. I quit taking it and it went away. All the 
testing, MRI, ect... And all because of a sleep pill. I actually took 
it once again for 2 days and my back and neck started aching again. So 
of course I quit. Thought I'd let you know my success story. Thank you 
again for all your info you have sent to me.
I live in Depoe Bay Oregon. It's the central coast. E-mail if your 
ever in the area. Take care.
Sincerely, Jo Ann Oddo