Author Topic: Wouldn't It Be Great If All Therapists Had This Lady's Passion?  (Read 4921 times)


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Hi Steve,
Thanks for your care and thought in my order. I went to the website and actually ordered 2x bulk packs and the amount comes to my original total of $176.00. So it should make things easier for you.
I am taking your advice and giving a few copies away to my Clients who have been with me for a long time!. I think they will like that.
I have tried the SLM basic on all my Clients since I received my first lesson and all are impressed. Some now only wanting the SLM style from now on and one booking in twice this week!!!. I am like a little girl at Christmas time waiting impatiently for my next lesson.
I just want to thank you for the new enlightenment SLM has given me, in the last couple of weeks since I have started I have learnt heaps. I have spent the last 18 months on study as a compulsory fullfilment for Association and Health Fund listing obligations and I now see how in a way pointless it has been. Lack of information at times. All Colleges should have the SLM as a included module for all upgrades  I believe!!!!!. Your committment and passion is what is needed in all classrooms and your dedication has given me the drive to up hold the good name of SLM and all its offerings. I just hope I can make the same impact on my Clients that you give out to yours. I find myself every spare minute I have, to jump on the student forum and read the many interesting postings and also reading through the downloaded material.
Paul my husband loved the honey and cinnamon article. Ever since I have known him, he has honey on everything and I have sprinkled cinnamon on my cereal and yoghurt for the last few years. It is good to know we are on the right health track.
I find myself talking about SLM to everyone and ask them to jump onto your website and download your books as alot of people I know would agree with all you say.
I know you are really busy and dont want to take too much of your time but from the bottom of my heart THANKYOU. My little guardian Angels led me to your ad on a Sat morning as I ate my breakfast and I thank them as well for this truly life changing experiance!.
I look foward to perhaps meeting you for a consult when we holiday at Mermaid Beach in Sept.
Good Luck in Thailand and I would love to attend any conferances you will hold in Aust some time in the year if that is apart of your agenda.
Yours In Health
Francesca Bunch (Big Hug to you)