Author Topic: Jack Sent Me This, Thanks!  (Read 4582 times)


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Jack Sent Me This, Thanks!
« on: March 02, 2012, 05:49:12 PM »
Hi Steve,
Hope this email finds you well.

I don't think I ever expressed my gratitude to you regarding the SLM course. My clinic is going fantastic and I am absolutely loving it. Learning SLM has changed my life completely and i can never see myself doing anything else.
Anyway, I am setting up a small web page with info on my clinic and was wondering if I could use the SLM bodywork name and some material out of the text etc? I will have links redirecting to the site. It will only be a small what/how/where webpage but I wanted to check with you first.

Hopefully get to a workshop one of these days!
Jack Moxey