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Questions Related to Pain Sufferers. / Re: Pudendal Neuralgia?
« Last post by steve on December 12, 2012, 09:36:33 PM »
Hi Jack, I have treated plenty of people with these sorts of symptoms with good success.
Do the work needed to rebalance his pelvis, do plenty of work on the adductors and quads and the pressure points in the glutes/ hips and if it still persists you might treat the stomach anf see if he is particularly tight in the lower area, tis is not likely necessary though.

His sensitivity should be treated by cutting out all sugar and alcohol, and increasing protein. Medication can be a source of the sensitivity if he is taking any as well.

Good luck,
Questions Related to Pain Sufferers. / Pudendal Neuralgia?
« Last post by jackmox on December 12, 2012, 04:27:59 PM »
A client of mine has this condition. Pudendal Neuralgia. Is SLM effective in treating this? Has anyone had any experience with it? She has been dogged with it for 2 years and cant seem to find anything to help. Has been to me once and has a short leg, rotated pelvis and is very jumpy on the table. Low pain tolerance..

Any info would be appreciative.

Thought I would come back re this case. I lengthened his hamstrings and hip on the same side and it was gone in one week.
Interesting Information to Share / Re: When the SLM therapist became the patient
« Last post by steve on December 10, 2012, 10:41:23 PM »
Hi Kirsty,

Thanks for sharing your story it made for interesting reading.

I was thinking while reading it you were not spending enough time on your adductors but rather working your quads a lot. When you have an S1 problem it normally means a twisted pelvis which you achnowledged and the adductors are a big part of that, more than the quads actually.

It sounded like you didn't use a double ball on your erectors (just a single one) and I think that would have worked better. You can rest at each segment and it involves much less twisting of your body to get into position, so is more comfortable to do when you have pain. At each resting point I like to lean my body to one side for a minute then the other side to go deeper into each erector muscles. You might have found using heat before and after the ball work on your erctors would have helped also.

I would have avoided any twisting action from the program while the pain was acute also. The yoga floor exercises would have been best done with limited movement of the actual body just getting the muscles to switch on and cramp if possible would have been best.

Also lots of ball work on the pressure points in the hips. Not sure how much of that you did as it didn't seem to be mentioned specifically.

Finally getting yourself a back brace to hold your pelvis straight and support your back when you had to do things like shopping and for your baby that involved bending, would have made your recovery a lot faster and with less ups and downs I'd have thought.

All in all you did well though and your resolve was admirable. Thanks for posting the story.

Good job,
Steve Lockhart

Interesting Information to Share / When the SLM therapist became the patient
« Last post by Kirsty on December 04, 2012, 06:11:58 AM »
Hi Steve/all,

This might be an interesting read for you (abd/or your clients). 

I have been an SLM therapist now for a couple of years now but recently found myself in the same position as most of my clients when I herniated a disc whilst on maternity leave.

I used the SLM self treatment programme to heal myself (using the 2007 programme) to prove that it works and to help other people who might be thinking of trying it out.

Its quite a long read so you may need a cuppa with it.....but I would be really intersted in any feedback :-)

Questions Related to Pain Sufferers. / Re: Arm strengthening and inflammation
« Last post by steve on December 01, 2012, 10:00:58 AM »
Hi Anna, it is important to give someone a quick result to give them confidence. With all the conflicting information they receive from doctors, physio's etc it is reasonable they are confused. You also need to understand the logic and concepts behind SLM so you can explain things in a way they understand and get confidence. Hopefully you are giving serious consideration to coming with me to Thailand next March so you can build on what you have learnt from the online training.

Hi Jack, Bursitis will go away if you fix the problem.

The problem will be in the hips and hamstrings more likely than they calf's, it just flows onto the calf muscles before landing in the heels.

I have been treating a fella with plantar fasciitis and was able to clear the injury after 3 weekly treatments. On top of this though, another problem has arisen on the back of both of his heels at the tendo calcaneus, causing him quite a bit of pain. His calves are very tight and I suspect this to be the problem. I was wondering if you had had a similar issue with any clients over the years and if you were able to correct the problem?
I have thought It could also be some bursitis?

Questions Related to Pain Sufferers. / Re: Thank You Steve.
« Last post by anna witt on November 29, 2012, 08:39:55 AM »
Hi Steve . Just would like to say Thank you very much for your email to me, and forwarded email from my client to You (Brian Jacobs ) .
I am very pleased that You have reasured him, that SLM treatment would not harm him, only HELP.
When he came firts time , first treatment , even, when I finished he was't very sure with this kind of treatment, he said he felt much better, but pain did't go, as he said.. Would  SLM help him with a very long term problem?, was his question after...
 As I said, because Brian was so sceptical, a bit worried, not really sure what callsed his pain in the lower back and in the hip area,I did mention to go see his GP ( his doctor ), to have a chart .
After second treatment , a few days after, Brian went to see his doctor.., then  rung me and told: he has been diagnosed with a hip arthuritis, and has been prescribe to take tramadol, diclofenack and have physio sessions as well ..  After all of this  Brian stil not sure what to do.

  I have suggested to contact You. Thank you very much for restoring confidence in him about SLM.
  SLM -great treatment and help ! :D
Questions About the SLM Course / Re: Do it yourself guide book
« Last post by Kirsty on November 10, 2012, 02:53:02 AM »
Perfect, thanks so much
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