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: SLM and Parkinsons disease
: steve October 04, 2010, 04:57:32 PM
Hi All, One of my students who purchase the SLM training to help his wife who has Parkinsons disease sent me an email to update me on the progress he was able to get and I thought you would all find it interesting especially if you come across someone with this disease in your clinic.


My hardrive crashed so I lost your address.

As you remember, my wife, Marcia, has Parkinson's Disease.  She is one of the unlucky few who have painful Dystonia caused by the disease. The Dystonia in her left calf and left arm.

Per our purchase deal, I promised to keep you updated on her progress.  I have good news to report:

1. Her left arm would not swing when she walked.  It now swings almost normally.AND no longer has any pain in the arm.

2.She was having buring pain in both her legs when she went to bed. (I don't think this is PD  - Parkinson's Desease -related but it could be.) I gave her an SLM treatment with emphasis on the first 4 trigger points in the glute area.  She has not had a recurrance.

3. The SLM completely eliminates any pain in her left leg/calf, even when the pain is coming on.  When I give her a treatment during these times, the pain ceases and does not return for some time after the massage.

4. When I started the SLM, she had many areas that were very sensative. Now the only area that seems to remain sensative is her erectors between her shoulder blades.

Her upper back continues to be locked. I have made a little progress in releasing her shoulder blades but not enough.

That's it from the US East coast.

Let me know how you are doing.


It is worth bearing in mind that David isn't a therapist and doesn't do this work for a living yet using the simple yet incredibly effective techniques in the SLM course even a novice can produce results other modalities can't match, even very experienced practitioners of those modalities.