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: Practice what you preach
: francesca.bunch July 07, 2012, 07:46:14 AM
Hi Steve,

I was painting my kitchen last weekend after a full kitchen Reno and noticed at the end of the day a tightness and pain in my right knee. I found it very difficult to flex the knee. After a long day of painting and feeling tired I put the wheat pack on and the next day is was somewhat a little better. However by the second day of painting up/down the ladder it ached and stiffened up again. Feeling not so tired I thought I would see if I could work it out with the wall sit, ballet squat, and quad stretch. I once again put heat on. The next day there was a massive improvement with a relief of about 80%. Since starting the course I have included the shoulder swing, compressions on the erectors as part of my weekly exercise regime and now plan to throw the wall sit, ballet squat and quad stretch as well. The relief is incredible and each minute that goes by with the quad stretch I can feel I can go deeper in the stretch and feel the release happening.

As Therapists I personally think it is important to do these self help exercises and yoga DVD not only for our benefit from a physical job but also for better correspondance with our clients and guide them through the exercises as we can share our relief with them and prove to them it does work. A little extra effort goes a long way. I plan to book in for an SLM treatment just to iron out any imbalance.

Have a great weekend.

Francesca Bunch