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: Well Done Anna.
: steve May 02, 2012, 12:48:11 PM
I received this glowing recommendation for Anna in trhe UK. If you are in her area and in pain why not give her and SLM a try.

Hello Steve, I would just like to say what a fantastic treatment slm is. Over the last twenty five years or so i have suffered with lots of pain on different part's of my body and having been to many doctors in that time,  not one of them came up with the root of my problem i was told to take pain killers which i did as the pain at times was excruciating. I eventually had an appointment with a specialist who after numerous tests i was told that i had a form of rheumatoid arthritis but was unable to pinpoint it to one specifically.

Over the years i have done  physical jobs and have taken day's off on many occasions due mainly to various swollen limbs, aches and pains. I now drive for a living which i find is a lot better for my joints but now i have to concentrate more on posture as now i get pains in other places which i did not have before. I wont go on to much more i think you get the picture but i would like to praise one of your students in England namely Anna Witt from Peterborough.

I first went to Anna for treatment for Knotting in my upper back and shoulders about two years or so ago and her treatment helped me a lot. The next time i visited Anna it was because i had a minor car accident and i suffered whiplash causing me pain and discomfort to my neck and shoulder. I have now been going on a weekly basis for slm and i find it truly amazing how it has worked so well for me, my whiplash injury has gone completely but more surprising is my other pains seem to have vanished too.

I bow down to you Steve your slm is something else, better than all of the massages i have tried over the years. Your student Anna is one person who has taken on board everything you have taught her to the highest level and she is so keen to keep on learning i have never met any one like her who is so into her work and wanting to learn more all the time, she is certainly a very good ambassador in promoting your good work. I too will spread the word about slm. Thank you Steve for bringing slm into my life through one of your very professional students. At last something that really works!     Kind regards  Glenn P Davies   England.