Introducing the simplest, fastest and most effective way of fixing Pain or Injury using massage or bodywork!

Discover the ‘Centuries Old’ Secrets that Enable a Massage or Bodywork Therapist to Quickly and Effectively Take Pain Away So that it Doesn’t Come Back.

“If you are motivated by a desire to make a difference, learning skills and developing expertise that you can use to help people in pain then the SLM Bodywork training course is well worth looking into.”

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– by Steve Lockhart

Jane Flemming
Here’s me working on former Olympian Jane Flemming

Drop Cap H

ello, my name is Steve Lockhart and little did I realise it at the time but in 1988 I was blessed when I met an incredibly gifted man named John Guttenbeil.

John fixed a back problem I had that came on after I had a knee reconstruction and pretty quickly I was telling all my family and friend to go and see him. He possessed the skills to fix virtually any type of pain using only his hands, even when doctors or specialists recommended surgery as the only option.

My good fortune didn’t end with just meeting John because he graciously agreed to teach me his incredible skill and from the moment he did I can honestly say my life changed dramatically…

Within only a few months of training with him I set up my own clinic and had people with pain flowing in my door, mainly through word of mouth, without me doing anything more than just working on them exactly as John had showed me.

In no time at all I had tripled my income, was setting new goals for a better future and was enjoying a level of job satisfaction that only comes from really being able to help people in pain.

It is a fact, that once you discover the secrets and simple logic that work so quickly and effectively to bring long-term relief to pain sufferers, work becomes plentiful and money flows in the door. I soon found out when I starting teaching that it is the same for anyone who is prepared to apply themselves and work hard for it.

After a lifetime of working with and perfecting what I now call SLM Bodywork, I believe it’s time to share my knowledge and good fortune with others just like you. My goal now is to train many more therapists who want the learn this very special skill and enjoy the same good things out of life that it has brought me.

To achieve this, you are being introduced to a program which many believe is the most effective and easy-to-follow training course available for people who want to learn how to fix pain and injury, faster and more effectively than everyone else and grow a thriving therapy business…

Conventional medicine like Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and even medical specialists just can’t provide the fast,  lasting relief to long term pain sufferers that SLM Bodywork does. It is not just me saying that, it is a scientifically proven fact.

Even a study conducted by the University of Sydney in 2007 showed going to a chiropractor or physiotherapist to treat one of the most common conditions, lower back pain, may be a waste of time and money. Ask any chronic pain sufferers that has been through it and THEY will confirm what I am saying.

This presents a HUGE void in a growing market where 2 in 5 people suffer from chronic pain at any one time and 80% of people will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives. The need for a therapy that can deal with these problems quickly and effectively is URGENT as is the need for more therapists to be trained to carry out this work.

Introducing the Only Professional SLM Myotherapy Course that gives you proven techniques and principals and a single modality to tackle every type of Pain and Injury problem that comes into your clinic. Find out how this ancient healing art has been revived into a modern training program that you can study from the comfort of your own home.

trainingCourseThe unique SLM Bodywork video training course delivered in weekly online videos and comprehensive text book, teaches you everything you need to know to heal acute and chronic pain and injury quickly and effectively.

You get to literally “look over my shoulder” as the knowledge and unique techniques are demonstrate to show you exactly how to restore good posture to the body and take away pain. You learn a simple, straight forward and logical method of healing that is guaranteed to produce amazing results. Let me show you what I mean…

Previous Students Share Their Success Stories

“The high success rate of SLM brings
great personal satisfaction…”

Paul PeacheyPaul Peachey is a full time Surveyor and in 2000 embarked on a career change to become an SLM therapist. He has established a very successful part time business and is booked up for 8 weeks in advance such is his popularity on the central coast of NSW. Paul’s success is a shining example of what can be achieved by someone who applies himself to this method with a passion to help people and be successful in business.

Press “Play”to Listen to Paul
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“I did not think something could work so well”

Maybe I was being a bit cautious when I started my SLM treatments as I did not think something could work so well.I’m glad you proved me wrong, I am now using SLM as my primary treatment regime with extraordinary results.I have a professional Weightlifter and personal trainer who can bench 30kg more weight after 2 treatments and another athlete (rock climber) who can again pick up his kids after a crippling chronic back injury and this was after 1 visit.I am astounded and would like to thank you for sharing this treatment modality with me.
– Wayne Stafford
Upwey, VIC.

Wayne Stafford

Like many others Wayne Stafford did the SLM course to add some effective techniques to his work. He had been a alternatively trained Myotherapist for 5 years and wanted to learn some new, effective skills to improve his success with injuries.

He has taken to the SLM method very quickly and has been getting some rave reviews from his patients even after he had been working with it part time for only 7 short months.

Press “Play”to Listen to Wayne
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“SLM will change the way you work, you’ll get results and you’ll have thrilled clients…”

Jenni BrownJenni Brown practiced Remedial and Sports massage for 9 years before starting SLM Bodywork and now uses this exclusively in her busy practice. Jenni gets all her work from word of mouth and referrals from the SLM practitioners directory and works on the northern beaches area in Sydney.

Press “Play”to Listen to Jenni
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“SLM has doubled my client base and the number of patient referrals I receive…”

Barbara Wicks

Barbara has been an SLM therapist since 2001. Before then she worked for years as a remedial therapist and operates from her home in Western Sydney. Barbara has a very good reputation in her local area and has been featured in her local newspaper for her ability at treating chronic pain.

Press “Play”to Listen to Barbara
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“The One that stood out was SLM”

Klaus Gert Rennebarth“It is now 16 years ago I started my studies in Health Sciences, Shiatsu became my favourite form of treatment. There were a multitude of other methods, some quite rewarding techniques but the one that stood out was SLM. Steve Lockhart’s unique Myotherapy contained in his comprehensive manual and videos have covered nearly every aspect of disease states/ problems in an interesting and factual manner. I highly recommend his course.

His support is awesome and being listed on his SLM Myotherapy web site brings a substantial amount of work”.
-Klaus Brisbane QLD.

“I am Totally enjoying the SLM therapy”

“I have been practicing SLM for almost a month now & am totally inspired!! Though I’ve been a bodyworker for some time I have been on the look out for something that would prove to be a bit more effective. I have been practicing the new technique almost everyday with numerous friends &family &anyone I can get my hands on. I am totally enjoying the SLM therapy, for me it is a lot more energetic &intuitive. It allows me to get into a flow more in my work &it just makes so much sense. Now as I am working around the body I can feel what is going on ALL OVER the body so it makes the treatments so much more effective not only physically but energetically as well!!

I am already seeing some great results with people which has inspired me to sink my teeth into it more. I will wait a bit longer before I fully integrate it into my clinic but I have a lot of clients already interested in trying the new treatments.

Thanks Steve for the inspirational work ”
– Jedah Denning
Central Coast, NSW.

“Signing up for this course is one of the best things I have done.”

“Steve, I received the 2nd case study video this morning and had a quick look before work, this gave me motivation for the day – thank you.

I decided to do all my clients with a full SLM (including hot towels) regardless of what they may have wanted. Without a doubt the results have been extremely satisfying. The feedback from clients is 100% positive and one client said she felt like she had taken some wonderful ‘drug’.

Signing up for this course has been one of the best things I have done. Even though I am reasonably new to massage &SLM I really feel that it has given me skills that normally take many years to acquire.

The concept is like having a helicopter view instead of getting weighed down with individual muscles.

Thanks so much, regards.”
– Teresa Keppie, Paterson NSW.


These are just a few of the many Professional Myotherapy Training Course students who have gone on to have extremely successful and fulfilling careers with SLM Bodywork.

They all now enjoy a higher than average income and an incredible level of confidence and job satisfaction that only comes with being able to confidently help others in pain.

I promise you will not have seen or worked with skills like these before in any other bodywork course…

—– Original Message —–
From: Chrissie Koltai
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 9:15 PM
Subject: Re Cheryl Swan

Dear Steve ,
I have been seeing your student Cheryl Swan for SLM massage. Cheryl is excellent .
I am 58 years old and have been a dancer and choreographer and still train actors in body work and have been a Yoga practitioner for 15 years. I am a registered Psychotherapist and have a Private Practice in Gordon. Somatic work is of great interest to me as you can imagine. Yoga has helped me with the deteriorated joints in my lower back and neck but I have struggled with pain and lethargy for quite some time. I am very picky about who touches my body and had given up on massage, it was always disappointing. It was just luck and chance that brought us together. The changes for me have been significant. I had so many blocks in my body that have been removed and now I can fully feel my right and left side so clearly. It always felt like a solid mass. My energy has improved and I am pretty much pain free for the first time in years. This woman is changing my life I believe she is a very gifted practitioner. The way she approaches me , my self state, the understanding of my body and what needs to be released is very impressive.

I am recommending this work to a number of my friends and students. One of my fellow Yoga practitioners has also seen Cheryl and is finding the results wonderful. Another has booked into Balmain after I got her to read the web site. I am hopeful for her as she has been in pain and disassociated from her body for some time.

You have discovered a wonderful thing. Well done and thank you
Chrissie Koltai

(Cheryl had been working with SLM for just 12 months when I received this unsolicited email from one of her patients.)

“How SLM Bodywork Is Different”

SLM Bodywork is not only appreciated by people everywhere who are in pain, but it will also provide a number of benefits to therapists who practice it:

Key Benefit #1: “You Gain Practical Knowledge
of How To Provide Long-Term Relief From Pain”

Using the exact same techniques you learn in the SLM Bodywork Professional Training Course, I have been able to…

  • Get a Professional Rugby League player with a grade 2 torn hamstring back playing a Grand Final in as little as one week.

  • Get an NRL, NSW and test player back to 7 years of uninterrupted first grade NRL after TWO failed back surgeries after only a month of treatment.
  • “Switch off”severe sciatic and other nerve pain in dozens of patients in only one or two treatments.

  • Quickly and easily fix problems that doctors have said can’t be fixed without surgery. Painful conditions such as…

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Foot problems
  • RSI
  • Bulging disks
  • Knee pain

Key Benefit #2: “Your Patients will Treat You
As A Respected Health Professional”

As you begin to practice SLM Bodywork, you start to notice a shift from a feeling that you are working in the service industry treating clients to being a health professional treating patients. You no longer have to deal with inappropriate behaviour, like harassment or people not showing up for appointments because there are dozens of therapists around just like you.

That’s because patients get such an good result, they don’t want to give you any reason for not welcoming them back.

Key Benefit #3: “You Learn a Totally Holistic Healing
Approach That Provides Fast, Effective Results”

SLM Bodywork gives you an understanding of the total approach that is needed for you to give your patients fast, effective healing. How to put things like diet, exercise and the bodywork together to get lasting results in over 90% of cases.

You will pick this up in no time at all. Most courses that claim to provide this sort of knowledge are complex in their explanation and instruction and may require a considerable shift from the way you’re working now and even then many don’t perform as promised.

Not SLM Bodywork.

You will be amazed at how easy-to-learn the SLM techniques are and how well they work. But more important than that – the knowledge provided is based on simple logic that can be applied to any form of therapy.

Key Benefit #4: “A Longer Working Life For You In Massage And Bodywork”

It’s ironic, but many massage and bodywork therapists don’t last long in the industry because they end up with chronic pain in their own backs, hands or wrists or just get frustrated with the repetition and lack of long term results and limited work.

With SLM Bodywork, you’re trained to understand and fix these sorts of problems so you can “self-treat” any pain you feel, as it comes, plus really help others find a solution to their pain, even when it has been with them for years. Imagine the satisfaction in being able to look after any of the pains or injuries your family and friends may end up with.

An important part of the training involves learning the secrets to maintaining your own body so fewer problems arise that could stop you working and earning an income in the first place. You’re unlikely to get that sort of advice or support from other courses because they don’t know these secrets.

Key Benefit #5: “You Spend Less Time Struggling to
Market Your Practice And More Time Treating Patients

 When you’re providing a service that others can’t match, you’d be surprised how little time it takes to fill your appointment book with as many bodywork clients as you want, when you want, because your patients become your sales staff…. and you don’t have to pay them commission!

You no longer have to spend so much of your hard earned money on advertising or building a profile in your area because word-of-mouth referrals plus your listing in the SLM therapists directory, which is constantly being promoted, will be driving most of your business.

“In Short, You’ll Become An Absolute Guru at Fixing Pain”

From the moment your patient sits down in front of you and starts to describe their pain, you will be shown exactly what to do. What questions to ask and what answers to provide to their questions. You will gain their confidence right from the outset.

When they lie down on your treatment table you will know exactly what to look for, how to recognise when something doesn’t look or feel right and the best approach to take to fix their problem. Nothing will be left to chance, everything is fully explained for you to follow like clockwork throughout the 52 weekly video lessons you receive.

You will be taught how to fix people that no one else has been able to. Just like the best SLM Practitioners you will be able to provide a solution for people who have tried everything from physiotherapy, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, to osteopathy and kinesiology, with either no, or only short-lived relief.

You’ll be able to help people even with debilitating conditions like crippling sciatica or a bulging disk, getting them pain-free again using the exact knowledge and techniques that this course teaches you. Nothing is left out!

If you have ever felt there was a missing link in your previous training, leaving you frustrated when it came to giving long lasting pain relief, this course will be just what you have been looking for, providing you with a simple and logical way to successfully treat even the most baffling of problems.

Click here to enroll now.

As you would be aware, there are many massage/ bodywork courses being offered, but massage is all they are. They will qualify you for a career that will end up becoming mind numbingly boring and probably give you injuries that will put you out of business well within 10 years.

Sad yes but true, because the future of bodywork is with fixing pain and if you are not able to do that quickly and effectively you won’t stand a chance against the therapists that can. The SLM Bodywork course is the only one that trains therapists to a level of expertise with fixing pain and injuries that is far beyond what other physical therapy courses do. Check our Steve’s patient testimonies HERE

“SLM is very easy to incorporate into my existing treatments…”

Peter Robinson starting training in SLM after 10 years as a remedial massage therapist. He had only had the course for one month but already noticed many benefits, from positive client feedback and referrals to more understanding about what he is trying to do when treating someone with chronic pain. He also feels the SLM format is easier on his body whilst it gives much faster results to his patients.

“My Patients Happily Tell Everybody About the Relief They’ve Received from SLM Bodywork and Yours will to!”

“…After only 4 treatments of SLM I’m off all my pain medication…”

John Gordon took medication for ten years after the doctors left him with severe nerve pain in the groin following a hernia operation and could offer nothing else. He was taking 5 tablets a day of two different drugs and they were playing havoc with his health. After just one SLM treatment his pain was under control but not because it is a miracle treatment as he thinks, rather because I knew where and how to work on him for the pain he suffered from. The same information that is clearly covered in the text book that comes with the SLM training course.

“…SLM saved me from surgery that doctors said was ‘unavoidable’…”

When Dave ruptured the disc at L4/ L5 in his lower back the top neurosurgeon and physiotherapist he saw told him there was no way he could avoid surgery as his injury was as bad as they had seen.

Desperate to avoid the knife he chose SLM Bodywork and 4 months later he is well on the way to a full recovery, back at work and improving every week. Six months later he was pain free and back to normal activities. The doctors now cannot believe his improvement in such a short time, see for yourself.

“SLM has brought lasting relief to my chronic pain…”

Bill Eger is a flight attendant and has suffered from debilitating back pain on and off for 15 years. After just three SLM Bodywork sessions he is functioning like a normal person again and is so impressed he has signed up to do the SLM therapist training, initially as a part time job and then full time as he retires from flying in the coming years.

“Only SLM Bodywork Could Fix My Chronic Back Pain”

“After suffering a mountain climbing accident my lower back became a chronic problem. I had many treatments from Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths all to no avail. No one even came close to Steve’s ability in providing instant relief. SLM Bodywork has been the difference in regaining my previous strength, flexibility and peace of mind”.

Steve Bryant,
Sydney NSW

“3 Visits Released Me From The Pain Of Migraines”

“I was suffering with constant Headache/ Migraines and persisted with the doctor’s advice for months with no relief. After the first SLM Bodywork treatment the severity of my migraines reduced by ½ and after 3 visits, I do not suffer migraines any more. After more than 18 months I am still without the migraines.”

Louise Bertoni,
Sydney NSW

Jeff Fenech Myotherapy Photo

“World Champ Boxer Says SLM Saved His Career”

“My career as a World Champion Boxer was destined to be cut short by hand problems and nothing could relieve my pain and keep me fighting until I found Steve Lockhart and SLM Bodywork.”

Jeff Fenech,
Three times World Boxing Champion

“SLM Saves Back Surgery And Finds a New Student”

“In April 2004 I was told by a neurosurgeon that the only way to relieve the severe sciatic nerve damage I was experiencing was through surgery.

I have seen many unsuccessful cases of back surgery through my work as an Occupational Therapist and sought other options.

[SLM Bodywork] has been able to take away the excruciating pain and pins and needles I had been experiencing in just a couple of treatments and my back is now stronger than it has been for many years. I am so impressed that I will be learning this method to better enhance my therapy practice”.

Glenda McMaster BAppSc (OT), AccOT.,
Baulkham Hills NSW

If you’re wondering why other therapists couldn’t fix these people, it’s because they weren’t in possession of the knowledge and techniques that you can purchase right here today.

They were never taught how a body overloading the wrong areas and joints like the spine because of bad posture, is often the underlying cause of chronic pain. And never shown how to restore length and function to problem muscles, re-build weak flaccid muscles to correct imbalances, release pressure and inflammation from a joint and take away pain.

Once you learn how to do these things YOU will be a guru when it comes to fixing a persons pain. 

“Does it Sound Too Good to be True”?

After reading the above, are you thinking this all just sounds too good to be true? Everything sounds too easy and if it really was that good, therapists everywhere would know the same information and be getting the same results…. which as you know, they are not.

I understand it‘s hard to believe the claims I have made without proof, it’s always hard to believe what you haven’t seen with your own eyes. But that doesn’t mean it is not possible. (Check out over 200 patient testimonies HERE)

Don’t get me wrong, I am not for a minute claiming this is a total dream job.

The fact is, there are definitely negatives for you to consider with this work…..

Like bodywork is pretty hard physical work! But you probably already know that if you are currently massaging.

And it is not like you can become an expert at this from day one. It does take plenty of patience and experience to reach the level talked about here, where you can really help over 90% of the chronic pain cases that walk in the door and keep their pain away. After just a few months into this training most people are getting about a 75% success rate with a few doing even better than that.

I am not trying to say that people will be beating down your door just because you have purchased this training program. Obviously you will need to market yourself and demonstrate what you can do and that does take some time, but the good news is I teach you proven ways to do that as well.

All things considered, the good and the bad, you can be confident that working with SLM Bodywork is both a challenge and a joy, plus an extremely low stress way of making a very good income. But I don’t expect you to just take my word for it, just watch the videos on the learnmassage site and see what other SLM therapists are saying.

Be assured that every one of the techniques I use and all of the knowledge I have, is passed on in the SLM Bodywork Training Course being offered here. Nothing is held backClick here to reserve your place now.

More Testimonials!

More testimonials from Champion Athletes

More testimonials from SLM Bodywork Patients

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“Using Massage and Bodywork to Effectively Fix Pain”

Do You Want to Understand the Secrets to Fixing Pain?

As a therapist you probably find a large percentage of the people who come to see you suffer from pain. And I am guessing you would love to find out how you can give them lasting relief. ‘Using Massage to Effectively Fix Pain’ is a book that will give you an explanation of exactly what you need to know and do, to successfully treat all the common problems people will present with. This book is like a mini course in itself and I am offering it to you for FREE.

In addition you will receive access to another FREE book I wrote called ‘An Experts Guide to Fixing Back Pain and Sciatica’ which will give you answers to most back pain problems and that will boost your effectiveness at fixing this very common condition.

To gain instant, FREE access to my books, simply enter your First Name and Primary Email Address into the form below and click the “Free Instant Access” button. You’ll be sent a link to download the book immediately. And don’t worry you can take your name off my list at any time, even as soon as you get the book if you like..

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“What’s Included In The SLM Bodywork Training Course ”

The SLM Bodywork Training Course covers everything you will need to fully understand this simple yet highly effective way of helping people who suffer from acute or chronic pain and injury.

It’s an expanded version of the ATMS Accredited Course that was taught for 12 years in Sydney, Australia, but in so many ways it’s much better.

Why, because the weekly online videos and text book format allows you to absorb the materials at your own pace, and it is set up to be delivered over 12 months so you have adequate time to absorb the knowledge properly, plus via a private forum, you receive my total support for as long as you need it, so there will be nothing to stop you becoming a Master Therapist.

Here’s what you get in the course…

The SLM Bodywork Professional Training Course includes 52 weeks of lessons online, via 30 to 60 minutes videos. This incorporates information on the actual therapy plus every aspect of running a therapy business specialising in the treatment of pain and injury.

The initial three-instructional videos provides you with a solid grounding in the techniques you need to treat the majority of problems that people can suffer from. (The specifics of dealing with individual cases that you’re likely to encounter are covered in the online videos and text book.- I’ll get onto that in just a moment).

You will get to literally “look over my shoulder” as I explain and demonstrate each technique showing you exactly how and when to use it!

In Stage One, you learn the foundations of SLM Bodywork…

  • Learn the major acupressure points, plus how to apply the right kind of pressure to get muscle groups to release.

  • The concept of straightening the spine and correcting the pelvis to restore balance to the body.

  • How to work around the body so as not to bruise the patient yet still release the tension from their tissue.

  • Correct positioning of your body and hands so you don’t get injured doing the work.

  • Special massage techniques that you won’t have seen before to work on the different parts of their body.

  • How to work the front and back of a patient in a single one hour session – including the critical muscles and lines that make all the difference to the result you get.


Stage Two Covers More Advanced Techniques…

  • How to diagnose the root cause of various pains that affect the body (Did you know that the real cause of most pain is located away from the actual painful area?)

  • How to assess “a body’s balance or posture”, and how to help your patients carry their weight in a more balanced way to keep them pain free.

  • What the different twists and tilts in a patient’s body mean in relation to their pain.

  • How to work each part of the body with deeper and more focused techniques (areas covered are: the neck, spine, arms, shoulder, hips, legs, stomach and chest) and still not leave any bruises.

  • How to use SLM Bodywork techniques on real bodies to remove pain regardless of what that pain may be.


Stage Three ties your knowledge together in a real-time Case Study

  • Watch the treatment of a patient with lower back, knee and neck pain in real time, incorporating the principles and techniques of SLM Bodywork that you’ve already learnt in the previous DVD’s.

  • I cover in much greater detail, the different areas of the body and the specialised techniques used to treat them.


These first three Course video’s are even better than one of my live training programs. They’re a total “brain dump” of everything I have learnt and experienced since 1988. They will be yours to watch as many times as you need to master and refine each technique.

View A Sample Of One Video

Click on the images below to view the excerpts from the course. (If you’re unable to view the video, you may need to download Quicktime for Mac or PC for free)

Short movie: click to view (28s – 1MB)

Longer movie: click to view (2m13s – 3.5MB)

Everything in the professionally produced video’s will tie in with the detailed notes and explanations that you will receive twice a week via email and find in the SLM Bodywork text book. These are also included in this program and sent out once your payments are complete, making sure you get the full picture from all angles.

“The SLM Bodywork comprehensive text book  (260 Pages)”

This is the “Bible” of SLM Bodywork. Combined with the online video lessons on video’s, the text book gives you everything you will need to become a Master of SLM Bodywork. After that, it’s just practice.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn from the book…

  • Working with SLM Bodywork: How to use acupressure, massage and heat to treat a patient and take away their pain (Page 31).

  • How to treat the different body types (Page 61), young children (Page 73) and older people (Page 74).

  • The importance of posture, and why you should tell your patients NOT to stretch (Page 78).

  • Recommended exercises and ones they should avoid to aid faster rehabilitation (Page 85).

  • Guidelines for treating Acute Pain (Page 113) compared with those for treating Chronic Pain (Page 116) to get amazingly fast results.

  • How to treat all the common pains and injuries that you’re likely to see, including individual sections on:

  • Back Pain
  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hamstring tears
  • Neck pain &headaches
  • Wrist and elbow pain
  • Calf problems
  • Knee pain
  • Restless legs
  • Groin Strains
  • Corked, torn or bruised muscles
  • Ankle injuries
  • Foot pain
  • Shin splints
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Heel pain
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Stomach problems
(As you can see, this text is very comprehensive and covers all the normal pains and injuries that you’re likely to see in a clinical situation)
  • Answers to Students’ most Frequently Asked Questions (Page 185).

  • My “killer marketing tip” for getting as much work as you need (this simple but highly effective strategy is something I’ve kept close to my chest for years, but I explain it in full on Pages 201-210).

  • Free articles (including unlimited reprint rights) for you to distribute to patients as a marketing or educational tool (Pages 223-239).

Just the videos and text book alone are a comprehensive home-study course in treating pain and injuries, giving you the tools to develop powerful skills that will amaze the people you work on, then as a reference tool later on.

But your Myotherapy training doesn’t stop there because…

“52 Weekly Lessons Are Included To Hone Your Skills In Real Time!”

In addition to the core training videos mentioned above, the Professional Myotherapy Training Course also includes weekly online video lessons. This means for 12 months you will be continuously receiving tips and strategies to build on your skills and make you a guru at fixing pain and injury.

Many of the training videos present a “lesson taken from workshops I have run over the years” covering application of the skills, marketing and case studies where you see the patient being interviewed and assessed then exactly how I apply the techniques and knowledge that you learn in the course materials on this real patient. Watch and then see extra material on each case study where I explain how I took a patient with a painful condition right through to wellness over a series of treatments.

The ongoing training materials provide you with a blueprint of how to treat every typical scenario that you’re likely to encounter in your own clinic.

Once you finish this course your confidence and skills will be sky high and every day will provide challenges you will greet with “bring it on!”.

“PLUS – I’ve Also Included These
Extra Bonuses at NO COST”

BONUS # 1: FREE Access to the “Members Only” SLM Bodywork Practitioners’ Web Forum

Being a part of this web community allows you to have your questions answered as you treat patients and interact with other people who practice SLM Bodywork from around the world.

BONUS #2: Up to Nine Months FREE listing in the SLM Practitioners’ Directory

This is FREE advertising for your clinic and services. Three months after you enroll and for as long as you continue your training (up to the 12 month mark when you become qualified) you are listed in the SLM Practitioners’ Directory

This Directory has been separately optimized for search engines and receives hits every single day from people looking for an SLM therapist in their area. There is also the option for you to be listed in this directory permanently so you always benefit from the promotional work I do.

Every week I am giving away dozens of copies of my free e book, ‘ An Experts Guide to Treating Sciatica and Back Pain’ to people in pain and the first thing most want to do after reading it is visit the nearest SLM therapist. This continues to generate referral work to most people in the directory, putting the course money they spent straight back into their pocket.

“In Short: The Professional SLM Training
Gives You Everything You Need To Become
an Master Therapist and Blow the Socks off Your Competition”


Do you want a higher income, greater skills, more recognition and a level of job satisfaction that you never thought possibly in this industry?

Everyone I’ve trained since 1993, who has applied themselves to learning and working with these techniques, has achieved these things as they have gone on to start a successful new practice or boost their existing business. If you don’t believe me, get their details from the practitioner directory and ring them up to verify it.

Many of them work when they want, where they want, earning $80 to $100 dollars plus per hour (some as much as $130). But more than that – they enjoy an incredibly satisfying and rewarding career that they love and with the decision to enroll, you can be just like them.
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See for yourself what a few more of the students of this course have said:

“Simplicity is the key”

Peter Goldby

I had a patient stop me in the supermarket the other day. This patient in the past had diffused pain in both legs and back pain. I’ve struggled with him. I had mobilised every joint that needed it in his back. I balanced the muscles. I increased his range of motion. His strength. Did everything from full blown manipulations .. massage … and myofascial release. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at him. With all my training and skills. All these moderated the symptoms for maybe a month at a time. Even his diet seemed good! Well two SLM sessions, has taken away his pain. He’s back running again. He was full of praise. Simple but effective. Many thanks for sharing SLM Steve,

Peter Goldby
United Kingdom.

“All my success comes from SLM techniques”

“I have done Remedial Massage and SLM Bodywork and they don’t compare. All my success comes from the SLM techniques.”
Savannah Daisley, Hunters Hill NSW

“I only use SLM to treat pain and injury”

“I don’t regret studying other massage theories and techniques, but I only use what I learnt in the SLM course to treat pain and injury.”
Debbie Gouveia, Petersham NSW

“Extremely positive client feedback gives
great job satisfaction”

“SLM has brought to my business a satisfaction of achievement that is shown in the extremely positive client feedback.”
Reg Hall, Baulkham Hills NSW

“Clients are amazed at their recovery time”

“I find that my clients are amazed at not only their recovery from the pain and injury but also the reduced time required in treatment.”
Christine Clancy, Melbourne VIC

“SLM Bodywork is the “Missing Link”
to confidently treating pain”

“Once I had completed my Diploma in Remedial Massage, I found that the missing link between being a massage therapist and someone that can confidently treat pain, was the SLM Bodywork Course.”
– M.J. Yates, Balmain, NSW

“Other Therapists Refer Their “Too Hard”
Clients To Me!”

“Other therapists are now referring their ‘too hard’ clients to me. I now find no injury or long term pain too difficult to treat!”
Barry Hewes, Port Macquarie, NSW

“I have no doubt that you have what it takes to Become A Master Therapist, Starting Today”

  You can be very confident that through my SLM Bodywork course you will have no difficulty achieving at least the same results and job satisfaction as the students who’ve commented above.

Many of the students who have written to me about the exciting results they are achieving are doing so after just a few short months of starting their training.

 Can you afford not to at least have a look at this method?

The Cost of Becoming a Master at Treating Pain and Injury

When I was trying to decide what price to put on this very unique training program that would hand over such a level of knowledge and skill to whoever was in possession of it, I thought about it long and hard.

I remembered that one of my students had told me recently he was getting at least one new referral a week from my web site directory and that each of these new people turned into at least 4 treatments for him at $80 each. Probably more if he counted all the people they were referring.

 So I calculated he was earning an extra $15,000 a year minimum just because he was doing SLM Bodywork. A course that provided this sort of return in a year, yet would last a lifetime, would have to be worth at least $5000.

But I knew too many people would not have that much spare money to spend on their training and my main consideration was getting the skills into the hands of as many therapists as possible around the world.

My priority is for every honest, hard working therapist to have access to this knowledge and skill without it being a big financial burden. That way the unscrupulous ones out there who are promising people so much, taking their money and then not delivering the results will get some real competition. Ultimately I want the people in pain who really need help to be able to get it.

I was determined that it should be affordable, but at the same time I am not prepared to give it away because it wouldn’t get the respect it deserves. There is nothing in the market that comes close to SLM Bodywork based on the unmatched results, incredible job satisfaction and sustained income it can provide with such a simple and straight forward system.

I thought about the sort of person who would want to have this knowledge and skills and decided it would be someone who really cared about helping people, with a passion to become the best therapist they possibly could, regardless of whether they were a seasoned professional or just a struggling student.

Also, someone who wanted to break free of the typical mold of the “massage therapist” and the difficulties they encounter, both with how a client perceives them and the results they are able to achieve with the training that they have already been given.

All things considered, I decided that an extremely fair price for a course like this would be $2500 and everyone around me agreed. But then I thought if I slashed the price even further I might really achieve my goal of spreading SLM Bodywork to the four corners of the globe in record time.

So that’s what I have done and against the advice from the people I usually listen to, I have decided to hand this knowledge and skill over for as little as $1597 (AUD) (currency converter) or if you want to try it without a big commitment before you know just how good it is, you can pay it off at $147 a month for 12 months, including the 52 videos and text book, backup and bonuses… and of course my full support – always.

That’s a 10% Discount for full up front payment that gets you all the material from day one.

  • The 260-Page Comprehensive Manual

  • The Lifetime access to all videos. 

  • 52 weeks of Lessons online of between 30 and 60 minutes duration

  • 12 months free access to the “Members Only” Practitioners’ Forum

  • Up to 9 Months FREE Listing in the SLM Practitioners’ Directory

When your AUD $1597 investment is averaged out over just three years, it works out to just $10.23 per week (just one referral would leave you well in the black) or only $1.46 per day (most likely tax deductible), but your career can last 10 or 15 times that long and the training program is something you can refer back to for the rest of your life.

That’s right. AUD$1597 upfront (or $147 per month) for everything I have promised above AND if you pay it off with the 12 months option, you can choose to stop your payments and training at anytime without penalty. There is NO contracts or ongoing commitment of any kind, because I’m confident once you start your training you won’t want to stop. (see below)

Easy Purchase Option – Twelve whole Months To Pay

I was happy with that because I was sure no one would refuse an offer that good, but then my friend brought up two concerns.

Firstly, there may be some people who are just starting out who may find even $1597 a lot to afford up-front.

That’s why I decided to allow you the option to pay it off over a period of 12 months. All you pay is a deposit of only $147 now, plus 11 x $147 monthly payments for a total investment of just $1764.

What this means to you is, you can earn the money to pay for the course by giving the treatment that the course trains you to do! How perfect is that ? I’ll even send patients to you through my free Back Pain and Sciatica Book give away and my YouTube channel. The payment plan makes it easier than ever to invest in your future and become a Master Therapist.


My second concern was for people who have never experienced or even heard of SLM Bodywork before and may still have a few unanswered questions or doubts that the course does everything I say it does.

So I decided to remove most of the risk and let you enroll in the 12 months payment program with NO contract or long term commitment of any kind. That should give you an idea of how confident I am in this programs ability to stack up.

What this means to you is,

After you start receiving the materials and bonuses, you will start to experience the quality of the information and have plenty of time to decide you are not happy and want to discontinue, at anytime during the 12 months payment period and only pay for the material you have received. Using the basic massage DVD and workbook you will receive at the start, you will be able to practice on your friends, family and patients and get reliable feedback on the treatment.

In other words, I don’t want you to feel you have been pushed into a long term commitment when deciding to get started –  you can always change your mind if that’s what you wish. 

If you can think of a single reason why you aren’t as excited about this opportunity as I expect you to be, I want to hear from you to find out why.

You get my unique training program, the backup training, the free bonuses all for the cost of 2 cups of coffee a week when averaged out over 3 years, but you have the material and skills forever.

You also receive my personal ongoing support that comes from being part of the SLM Bodywork community and all the professional and business opportunities that flow from that. I will be right there to help whenever you have a difficult case to confront.

After you enroll, the program will be shipped to you urgently and within days you could be on your way to a new and rewarding career as an SLM Practitioner, with unmatched skills at diagnosing and treating acute and chronic pain, quickly and effectively. Enroll now using the Secure Acceptance Form below…

If you’re sitting there reading this now and thinking this all sounds great but I can’t afford it right now, think again. You can’t afford not to get this training program because soon you might be losing work to your competition who ARE using the SLM Bodywork  method.

Besides, not long after you start working with this method, your income will grow to whatever you want it to be and are prepared to work for and the cost of this course will seem like peanuts then. You have heard it before but it’s true, you have to spend money to invest in your future to grow and ultimately earn more from what you do. For existing therapists this training course should also cover your CPE points required by the association you are a member of. For many it covers one years points and half of the following year.


If you don’t think what I am telling you here is possible ring some of the people who are already doing this work and ask them how much their business and income grew within just months of beginning their training.


I hope by now you are starting to believe that what I am offering you here is so much more than the average course offers. I am offering you a way of building your reputation and business to a level where you can take control of your income and your life.


You will stand out from the crowd, be able to charge a higher rate for a much more superior treatment.


You will be able to work the hours that suit you and your family life… and choose the area you wish to work and the people you want to treat.


Let’s face it that sort of control doesn’t exist for the average therapist.  


You will also be able to help people, I mean really help people, who are in pain and not just by giving them a couple of hours or days relief but by leading them to an end to their pain and suffering that will allow them to return to the life they crave. Do you have any idea how good that will make you feel?

You will also be able to keep yourself pain free and ensure you have a long career in bodywork, not to mention keep your family pain free and any kids you have that play sport. My son has played 7 years of soccer to date and never missed a game with injury.

It is all right here at your fingertips, you can’t be conned because you can drop out at anytime and will be more than happy with the value of what you have received up to that point.


All that is left for you to do is click on the enrollment link below and watch as your life transforms over the next 6 months, it is that simple. So you never have another excuse for not having enough money or loving your job again. Click on the link and let me help you become the master therapist you know you are capable of being. Don’t put it off a moment longer and enroll now.

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Yours in health and prosperity,

Steve Lockhart Signature

– Steve Lockhart

P.S. Even if you have never done massage before like Tanya below, this course will be a great way for you to start off a new career in this growth industry.

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From:tanya hays

Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 7:48 PM

Subject: Re: Forum

Hiya Steve,

Haven’t got set up for the forum yet. I’m not that great on computers, however I have a few friends that will be able to help me out. Will work on that this week. I am very happy with what I am learning, so much to benefit myself as well as potential clients. I have managed so far to complete 3-4 massages per week, and have plenty more volunteers to practice on. This has already been the best move I have made in years and I thank-you so much.


Tanya Hays

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P.P.S. If you still have any unanswered questions about SLM Bodywork or the course, you’ll find our Frequently Asked Questions page useful.

You’re also very welcome to talk to me personally before enrolling in the SLM Bodywork Training Course. Please feel free to call me direct on (+61) (0)412 212 208. If I’m not in, simply leave me a message with your name and number and I will call you back as fast as I can. Even if you are overseas.

Why not order now, I promise it will be a decision you will never regret but just in case, remember you are never locked into a contract and can stop anytime.