Discover How You Can Build on Your Massage Skills and Learn how to Fix Pain Or Begin Your New Career as an SLM Therapist.
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Change Your Life!

Whether You’re a Therapist Wanting Better Skills or Chronic Pain Sufferer Wanting to be Pain Free.

Our Next Teaching/ Healing Conference will be Turning Therapists into Guru’s as they are Taught How to Take Away Long Term Chronic Pain on Real Pain Sufferers….

We will create the most practical and effective learning and healing environment possible with constant individual attention from Steve Lockhart, at a fraction of the cost a health retreat would normally cost you.

All participants will gain a new level of understanding of how you end up with pain and how to take it away quickly and effectively.

All aspects of healing are covered to make sure therapists leave the conference with an extraordinary high level of skill and confidence and pain sufferers leave with a looser, healthier, stronger and more balanced body PLUS a level of understanding of their body to ensure they can keep the benefits achieved long into the future.

And don’t worry, the conference is not all work, as there will be ample time available for you to enjoy the surroundings and culture of the place we are visiting.

The emphasis is on results first… with enjoyment a close second.

Would you like more information about attending the conference as a Therapist to train in the SLM method?

Would you like more information about attending as a pain sufferer to receive two weeks of the best intensive treatment available?

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Check out photo’s and video from a previous Thailand conference
Or one in Coff’s Harbour Australia.

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