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Massage Therapy Courses

Are you thinking to learn massage, or perhaps wanting to update your massage skills? When considering massage courses, make sure the one you choose will deliver what it promises.

It could easily mean the difference as to whether you become a therapist who can easily fix people’s pain or not. Click here if you want to learn the secrets to fixing pain using massage and bodywork.

The underlying cause of most pain can be put down to a physical, emotional or chemical imbalance in the body, or a combination of two or all three. Any massage course teaching you how to fix pain needs to adequately cover these things and how they can best be dealt with by a therapist.

This is one of the many things that should be standard content in any massage or bodywork course so it is vital for any potential student to know that this is exactly what they will get if they sign up.

It is very important a massage course teaches students how to treat the whole body during a one hour session, because all parts of the body are connected and when there is a problem in one area it always has an effect on other areas.

If a massage course focuses on treating the body as a sum of individual parts, the treatment will be disjointed and it is unlikely the pain will taken away quickly and effectively giving results that last.

Most pain originates in the muscles which act like ropes and pulleys to determine the position of the skeleton. If the muscles are unbalanced and are pulling on one side of the body differently to the other side, the joints, discs and nerves become irritated and pain is the result.

It is therefore important a massage course provides the student with the knowledge and techniques needed to effectively restore the muscle balance.

Every person that lies on a massage table whether they are coming for a remedial, shiatsu, deep tissue, sports, relaxing or lymphatic massage, should reasonably expect that the massage therapist has been trained to do two important things.

Not only should their massage course have taught them how to provide a great full body treatment, based on a sound diagnosis in each session, but they should also be able to accurately advise on the best diet, supplements and exercise for whatever body type they are treating.

This holistic approach is the only way they will quickly and effectively take away pain and provide a sense of wellbeing with lasting results. A massage course that doesn’t train their students in these basics will leave them lacking in the important skills needed to do this.

A massage course that focuses only on different ways to rub and stretch the muscles will only train the student to provide a band aid for problems rather than lasting pain relief.

For this reason any massage course you consider should include subjects on what’s right and wrong in nutrition, the right and wrong exercises for rehab and why, when supplements are needed, general health, stress and all the things that influence it.

It is no good being an expert at just massaging the body if you want to provide any further benefit than just a feel good session. From my experience most massage courses focus too much on rubbing and stretching the muscles, which leaves the student lacking in many of the skills needed to effectively treat pain.

Although changing the condition of a muscle is an important part of providing pain relief, there are many lifestyle influences that determine the ease at which the muscles can be changed. A massage course needs to adequately address these to pass on the skills a student needs to fix pain.

If you would like to know more about ‘Using Massage to Effectively Fix Pain’ and all the other things you will need your massage course to cover to get a fast and effective result, the free video presentation and e-book by that title can be accessed right here.

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