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Title: Answers to Cancer DVD
Post by: steve on March 18, 2011, 04:50:36 PM
I was recently put onto this information about a product called Black Salve and its amazing power at curing cancers. One of my patients told me of her first hand experience at getting rid of her skin cancers with it.

It is a product you can make at home so not expensive at all - or you can buy it made up.

There is a video a lady named Elaine Hollinsworth made to show it to the world. Her site is ( and the site where you can get the video on Black Salve and curing cancer is at

If you or a loved one/ patient suffers from cancer or skin conditions it is worthy having a look as an alternative to what the Dotors are telling you.

Title: Re: Answers to Cancer DVD
Post by: anna witt on October 10, 2011, 12:07:15 AM
Hi Steve and rest of the therapists comunity.
In regards this topic I actually ordered this DVD watched, then Ordered- the BLack salve it self from the Australian company. I have had ordered for my dog ( he has been suffer for a couple of years with very large lambs on his  tail, we took him to the Vet, where we been told the tail has to be amputated..) anyway we have tried to aply the black salve and it is magical( it took us about a month with the trouble to change the dressings, but it worked on the end) !!! Everything is clear only scar left , absolutely amazing result !! We still can not believe!
Thought, if it is safe for animal why it can not be safe for humans ??
Told my friend who's mother suffers with cancer she got really offended in fact..
Anyway , I just would like say A Big Thank you for the information shared about this DVD.
Kind Regards Anna.
Title: Re: Answers to Cancer DVD
Post by: steve on October 13, 2011, 11:37:17 PM
Thats great Anna, yes rather than tell people it is better to just share the DVD with them and let them make their own mind up..