Thanks for making the decision to start the SLM training. I am sure it will be one you will never regret because of the positive influence it will have on your life and those around you, for many years to come. I look forward to getting you started very soon and then working with you in the years ahead as you master the SLM method.

Before I move you to the order details page I wanted to let you know about an offer I have recently introduced after receiving a few requests.

It is for those people who would rather save some extra money and receive all of the course materials (Video’s and Text Book) at the beginning of their training, by paying for the full training program upfront.

This option works well for existing therapists who come across a variety of pain conditions in their work and would like to be able to jump ahead to watch information on the particular problem they are treating at the time.

The discount is nearly 10% off the full price of $1764, making the up front price including postage $1597, which is a saving of $167.